Selena Gomez: How She's Coping Without Justin Bieber On Europe Trip Amid New Album Release Plans

Selena Gomez has become so close to Justin Bieber again that she's finding it ever-so-hard not to be around him, it has been reported.

The singer recently flew out to London to continue promotional work for her latest single, "Wolves," and as one could imagine, now that Selena has reconciled with the Biebs, she's already missing him.

Justin showered Gomez with nothing but hugs and kisses following her acceptance speech at the Billboard Women in Music event last week in Los Angeles.

While Bieber did not attend the show, he linked up with the beauty later on that evening, and fortunately for her, they were spotted getting cozy at a restaurant in Hollywood, looking completely in love with one another.

Selena Gomez is missing just that now that she's in Europe, a source explains.

Hollywood Life reveals that it's hard for the singer to be away from Justin Bieber, particularly since it has only been a few weeks since they got back together.

If Selena Gomez could have it her way, she would be spending each and every single minute with the Biebs — but she knows she has work commitments that need to be taken care of, and promoting her new song in Europe is just one of those things.

They are talking to one another almost every day on the phone, which just goes to show how healthy their relationship is with one another right now.

Selena Gomez thinks that giving Bieber another chance was one of the best decisions she's ever made in her life, having openly stressed that feelings don't just die out for the people that she once loved.

Speaking to Billboard last week, Selena Gomez even mentioned that even though she's no longer together with The Weeknd, whom she dated prior to her decision to move on with Justin, she notes that there's no bad blood between the former couple.

She's actually glad to know that her former flame handled the split as well as he did and can still consider him a close friend of hers, whom she knows she could call any time of the day.