WWE News: Paul Heyman Returning To Raw On Monday Night

When Stephanie McMahon and Mick Foley drafted Brock Lesnar for WWE Monday Night Raw at the WWE Draft, they didn’t say anything about Paul Heyman. Meanwhile, they did mention Lana when Rusev was drafted, so it was curious that they would omit Heyman’s name. It turned out that Heyman’s contract was coming to an end, and there was no contract in line yet.

It appears that has been resolved as PWInsider has reported that Paul Heyman will be with Brock Lesnar when the Beast Incarnate shows up for the first time on the new WWE Monday Night Raw to address his upcoming SummerSlam match with Randy Orton. The inclusion of Paul might be the best thing in the world for Lesnar at this point.

Brock Lesnar just failed two separate drug tests while competing at UFC 200, but he faces no punishment for it with the WWE. The WWE has made sure to suspend their talent for drug violations, including Roman Reigns most recently. However, the WWE has chosen to ignore Lesnar’s failed tests because he is considered a “part-time” star.

There are rumors that a lot of WWE talent is not happy that Brock Lesnar is exempt from punishment for failing drug tests, but there are others who understand this. Wrestle Zone reported that Jim Ross has no problem with the lack of punishment, comparing Lesnar to actors like Stephen Amell and rap star Snoop Dogg as other people who are exempt from the WWE drug testing.


“Lesnar is a part-time talent and part-timers are not under the standard, WWE wellness policy according to the WWE itself. If Shaq actually does get in the ring with Big Show at WM33 in Orlando, then Shaq would not be tested either because he would be considered a part-timer.”

While that makes sense while saying it, the fact is that Shaq would wrestle one match for the WWE. Brock Lesnar wrestles numerous matches every year, and for the WWE to ignore his drug violations makes their suspensions of men like Roman Reigns and Adam Rose a little hypocritical.

It has little to do with “understanding contracts” as Jim Ross insultingly alludes to when it comes to fans. It comes to fairness for a wrestler who puts in a decent amount of time in the ring throughout the year. That might not come across well for fans who might taunt Brock Lesnar upon his return. That makes Paul Heyman and his promo skills so important.


There are few people in wrestling today who can captivate an audience and wrap them up into his story than Paul Heyman. If the fans start to jump on Brock Lesnar, Hayman is a perfect man to lead them through it, and maybe even use it to Brock’s advantage.

It won’t help that Lesnar’s opponent at SummerSlam, Randy Orton, already made a joke about the drug violation, claiming that his RKO can drop anyone without enhancement needed. It was funny and a clever choice of words, but one that might give fans some ammunition when it comes to chants used against Lesnar.

Paul Heyman was bargaining with the WWE on his new contract as recent as a week ago. The money was not the problem, but it was instead the amount of outside appearances that Heyman would be allowed. Paul has a number of things lined up outside of the WWE and didn’t want the WWE to interfere with his personal projects.

It sounds like the two sides worked things out. 411mania reported that Paul Heyman was spotted today at a New York City airport and it was confirmed that Heyman will be back in the WWE with Brock Lesnar as they start to work towards the SummerSlam match against Randy Orton.

[Image via WWE]