Kylie Jenner’s ‘Poppin’ Gloss Goes On Sale August 1 — Metallic Lipstick Trend Surges [Video]

When cosmetic companies like M.A.C. first came out with metallic lipstick colors in the 1990s, the colors were revolutionary. No longer did women only have standard and bland colors to choose from. Instead of red, pink, orange and peach colors donning lips, metallic colors emerged — ones including purple hues to all sorts of other shocking colors.

The metallic lipstick trend might have faded out for a period of time, but now metallic lipsticks are making a big comeback, reports Allure Magazine. One of the major reasons that metallic lipsticks are making a reemergence is thanks to social media. With so many makeup tutorials and DIY videos filling the timelines of beauty fiends, folks have become greatly interested in how to switch up their cosmetic styles.

Not only do metallic lipsticks create a different and unique look for a person’s lips, they also can add attention and dimension to the lips. Layering matte lipstick with metallic lipstick can make for a creative look. Even metallic lipsticks used as only a highlighting option in the middle of the lips can help add depth to the lips.

On Instagram, the hashtag #metalliclipstick has more than 4,000 posts, proving just how popular the new trend has become.

Whereas “strobing” or highlighting the face has also become a popular makeup look, the metallic lipstick look is also finding its way to many retail beauty stores. One metallic lip gloss comes from Jouer Cosmetics — which is their shimmery Jouer Long-Wear Lip Topper in Skinny Dip.

lipstick [Image via Shutterstock]As reported by Bustle, Kylie Jenner can also be credited with a big portion of the resurgence of the popularity of metallic lipsticks and metallic gloss shades.

As seen in the above video from Jenner’s Snapchat account that was uploaded to Instagram, Kylie’s new “Poppin” lip gloss will be a part of Jenner’s Birthday Edition Collection. That lip gloss should be found available for sale at on Monday, August 1.

However, as anyone who has tried to purchase Jenner’s popular “lip kits” before might know — Kylie’s makeup tends to sell out quickly — within seconds or minutes. The gold and shimmery metallic shade looks brilliant in the sun.

Metallic lips are being called a cool trend that actually look good on lips. Whereas some folks who’ve already lived through the metallic bronze lipstick phase might not understand why it has come back — for others who weren’t alive in the 1990s, or miss the trend, the shimmery shades are a less than subtle way to revive the beauty trend.

lip glosses [Image via Shutterstock]According to Seventeen Magazine, the new fluffy applicators for the ColourPop Ultra Metallic lipstick collection leave something to be desired.

However, it likely won’t stop beauty experts and fans from buying the glosses — because metallic lipsticks and glosses tend to look really good on Instagram. Besides, experts say that metallic lipstick makes for a nice change from the matte lip trend that has been popular for a long time.

The metallic glosses also work well with other lipsticks, such as the popular matte lipsticks. When using such a bold statement of metallic lips, it is best not to overdo the metallic look all over. Bold metallic lips go well with less highlighter on the rest of the face, say cosmetic experts. Also, a nice and simple black eyeliner paired with neutral eye shadow won’t overpower the metallic lipstick look.

Instead of the metallic lipstick formulations of the 1990s, the modern-day metallic lipsticks are made with better pigments that make them wear and appear even better than the metallic lipsticks of decades ago.

Metallic lipsticks appear to be a trend that might not go anywhere anytime soon.

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