Why Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Musically Not Over Yet

Selena Gomez recently performed a brief cover of Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” on Snapchat, giving hope to Jelena (Justin plus Selena) fans all over the planet. Could this be a sign that one of the world’s most famous couples, who broke off in 2014, is coming back together again? It’s like a scene from the Walt Disney movie Beauty and the Beast when the caretakers of the enchanted castle hope in unison for “a sign that wasn’t there before.”

“Let Me Love You,” is actually a song by DJ Snake that features Justin Bieber. According to Elle, the song was dropped on Friday. Yesterday, Selena decided to cover it on Snapchat. That would have to be after her sold-out concert in Manila. The pop princess could be relaxing after a successful launch of the Asian leg of Revival, which has been to Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines so far.

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Before the Selena Gomez “Let Me Love You” cover, the singer and actress also did a cover of, according to the source, Bieber and Major Lazer’s new song “Cold Water.” So what is going on?

Is Selena just trying to give her old flame free publicity, or is she teasing that she’s missing the “Sorry” singer? Selena and Justin have already confirmed that Jelena is already dead with #RIPJelena, but is she trying to wake up the dead?

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These days, it’s hard to anticipate with any degree of accuracy what Selena Gomez will do next. Apparently, she has been on an unpredictable streak lately. In fact, immediately after her Jakarta, Indonesia, concert, she had questioned her own authenticity and creativity as a singer and artist on social media. That includes even when she is reportedly doing so well, particularly with the amount of audience reception and adulation that she is currently getting in Asia.

In Manila alone, throngs of airport security had to be deployed just to keep swarms of fans from mobbing the “Hands to Myself” singer on her arrival. Apparently, Selena’s fans had missed her so much since she canceled her “Star Dance Tour” in 2013.

Rest assured, millions around the world are tuning into every word from the undisputed queen of social networking. She is Instagram’s most followed and most liked personality. One social media post from Selena Gomez equates to $550,000 in publicity worth, according to Time.

The last time Selena deliberately used her magic wand for someone was when she tried to neutralize the vicious Kim Kardashian West attack on her BFF, Taylor Swift — and it seems to have worked. Proof: A Morning Consult poll conducted just last week showed that 55 percent of Americans still have a favorable impression of Taylor against Kardashian West’s measly 16 percent, according to the Huffington Post.

Accordingly, if by now Selena Gomez had Snapchatted Justin Bieber two times already (“Cool Water” and “Let Me Love You”), this means that the social media queen has unleashed $1.1 million worth of free publicity for the Biebs, which definitely goes a long, long way. From this perspective, it is very easy to understand from a purely utilitarian point of view why Justin wasted no time in refollowing his ex-girlfriend on Instagram in June, reports Cosmopolitan.

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Of course, we don’t really know exactly what’s going on between the two in regard to their relationship, but at least we can follow the money á la detective V.I. Warshawski as per an Optical Thoughts Blogspot.

Thus, we could say that Selena Gomez is trying to spread the love these days. As Madonna’s “Material Girl” song goes, “Experience has made me rich and now they’re after me.”

Now that we know that every social media post of Selena Gomez carries a $550,000 price tag, it’s hard to ignore her even when she only sneezes or coughs.

In her concert in Manila on Sunday night, Philstar Global reports that she said, “I am home with you.”

The Mirror says that Selena was also “in attendance” during last night’s Teen’s Choice Awards 2016 held in Los Angeles. Could she be in two places at the same time? Selena Gomez has become so popular and so powerful media-wise that she apparently seems to have earned the right to be everywhere.


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