Bear With Cubs Chases Man In His Own House: California Man Captures Video Of Mama Bear Chasing Him Up Stairs

A California man came home from work to find a mama grizzly bear with her two cubs inside of his house in the kitchen. As soon as the man saw them, he bolted up the stairs. Before locking himself in a room, the man did capture a video of the mama bear chasing him up the stairs. Could you imagine?

What would you do if you walked into your home and noticed a bear inside? Would you freeze in your steps, or would you take off? Most people know how protective mama bears are, and when you come too close to her cubs, you may be asking for trouble. This is what happened when a California man, Rodney Ginn, walked inside to see a mama bear and two cubs in the kitchen. After he videotaped the bear chasing him up the stairs, he managed to survive the chase after locking himself in a room, UPI reports.

The whole time, the man’s roommate was completely oblivious to what had happened, as he was sleeping through it all. Fortunately, the mama bear managed to open the sliding door and let herself out, along with her two cubs.

“I came home from work my roommate was asleep both doors wide open so I shut them and looked in my kitchen and there she was with her two cubs so I booked it upstairs.”

Ginn’s roommate said that he heard a racket in the kitchen, but thought that it was just Ginn cooking a late night meal. Ginn wrote this following message on his Facebook.

“Pretty much she opened the sliding door and her and the two cubs got out. My roommate was sleeping and said he heard it going on for about 45 minutes and thought I was cooking a late night snack lol and when I got home they were still here for another 30 minutes before they finally left.”

The video shows just how close Rodney Ginn really was to the large mama bear.

BC Environment gives some tips on how to keep the bears away from your home. Bears need large amounts of food for survival. If they are hungry enough, they will seek out garbage or human food for consumption. With that being said, how can you help safeguard your home from bears?

Store garbage inside until pick up day to avoid bears at your home
  1. Never feed the bears.
  2. Keep animal foods inside, or at least store it in a bear-resistant or air tight and odor-free storage containers.
  3. Enclose fruit trees and livestock in electric or chain-link fencing.
  4. Do not leave any pet food or garbage in the back of a pickup truck, even with a cover.
  5. Leave garbage in the shed, basement, or garage until garbage pick-up day.
  6. Dispose of garbage regularly, rather than letting it pile up for days.
  7. Keep fish and meat bones in the freezer until they can be disposed of on garbage day.
  8. Dirty grills can also attract bears. Clean the grill directly after use to keep bears from smelling food.

Ginn was very lucky that the grizzly decided to leave him alone after he shut the door. It is no question that a grizzly bear could have ripped that door right off the hinges if she really wanted to.

Grizzly bears are vicious creatures
Although the video was very entertaining, it may not have been the best idea while having a very close encounter with a grizzly bear. Ginn’s video is getting a large quantity of views and comments, but remember to use the tips provided in order to avoid a similar encounter. Grizzly Bears are highly dangerous animals, especially mama bears with their cubs.

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