Sarah Palin baby name generator meets new media

From the election that keeps on giving comes the Sarah Palin baby name generator.

Now I’m not one to judge Sarah Palin’s choice in names for her children, but others have called trailer on her selection. The question for me is how some of new media’s leading names fare in the service.

Without much ado, here’s a few new media/ web 2.0 names added to the Sarah Palin baby name generator.

Louis Gray: Duct Idaho Palin
Chris Brogan: Hose Hotrod Palin
Darren Rowse: Khaki Salmon Palin
Brian Solis: Molten Contra Palin
Chris Pirillo: Barrel McRaven Palin
Joel Comm: Hump Gizzards Palin
Michael Gray: Tarp Lazer Palin
Matt Cutts: Bullpen Cola Palin
Michael Arrington: Blowhard Conflicted Palin*
Pete Cashmore: Gamebird Kelp Palin
Om Malik: Drink Hack Palin
Mona Nomura (aka Mona N): Knife Pile Palin
Gabe Rivera: Suckhole Groupie Palin*
Zee: Snowshoe Man Palin
Loic LeMeur: Blitz Harden Palin
Kyle “night krew” Lacy: Shoulder Frontier Palin
Dave Winer: Icepick Motor Palin
Robert Scoble: Hen Waffle Palin
Loren Feldman: Beans Harpoon Palin
Steve Gillmor: Nutty Mumbles Palin*
Owen Thomas: Thump Hummer Palin

Just for the record, I’ve got the same Sarah Palin name as Pete Cashmore: Gamebird Kelp Palin, so I’m in good company.

* actual results may vary