Hillary Clinton Calls Donald Trump ‘Unfit’ And A ‘Hot-Head,’ Owns Up To Her Mistakes, And Admits She Has ‘Work To Do’

Democratic Party nominee, Hillary Clinton acknowledges that Americans have a reason to question if she can be trusted, particularly related to her email scandal and Benghazi terrorist attacks, Fox News reports.

Hillary says that it’s fair to assume that most Americans have questions about her trustworthiness, particularly concerning the email scandal and Benghazi attack. She explained that she wants the public to know that she made “a huge mistake” by assuming her email was secure. Clinton claims the family members of the Benghazi victims “misunderstood her” because it was a “clear act of terrorism.”

“Every time I run for an office, though, oh my goodness, all of these caricatures come out of nowhere. And people begin to undermine me because when I left office as secretary of state, 66 percent of Americans approved of what I do.”

Hillary understands why the country questions whether she can be trusted. “I know I have work to do,” Clinton admitted. In 2013, while Secretary of State, Hillary’s approval rating was 66 percent, according to Politifact. Her rank has decreased significantly following the email scandal and the handling of the Benghazi attacks. In a recent poll, two-thirds of Americans revealed they have concerns about her trustworthiness.

Clinton said that there is work to be done to repair her approval ratings. She feels that GOP nominee, Donald Trump is not fit to run for office. She has concerns about his ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Clinton believes that Putin and Donald Trump could have a “connection” and believes that Putin has an “invested interest” in Trump’s campaign. She implies that Donald’s ties to Putin could compromise “national security.”

Hillary stated that she made a mistake when she used a private server to send and receive official emails when she was Secretary of State. She was sure that she didn’t communicate any classified information on her side–implying if classified information was revealed, it was one of the 300 people she had on her contact list.

“I relied on and had every reason to rely on the judgments of the professionals with whom I worked. So in retrospect, maybe some people are saying, ‘Well, those — among those 300 people — they made the wrong call.’ At the time, there was no reason, in my view, to doubt the professionalism and the determination by the people who work every single day on behalf of our country.”

Hillary explained that Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament for the job and is “unfit” for the position. Clinton stated that he is easily agitated and seems to make rash decisions. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you want to control nuclear weapons,” she stated.

Clinton got teary-eyed when talking about her mother, who took the stage at the Democratic National Convention (DNC). She admitted to Chris Wallace (Fox News) that her mother was a huge fan of the network. When she asked her mother why she watched the program that seemed to criticize her (Hillary) every move, her mother’s answer was simple.

” I want to hear what they are saying about you so I can know how to stand up for you.”

Chron reports that Hillary ended her interview by stating that these are upsetting times and we need someone with a “steady hand.” She feels we need someone that will build the country up and not divide it. And, she believes that she is the woman for the job.

Hillary Clinton stated that she does not want to take the gun rights away from the People. She said she just wants to make sure the “wrong people do not have access to a firearm.”

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