How To Stream AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Season One Finale Online: Find Out If Jesse, Tulip, And Cassidy Hit The Road Before Season Two

Fans of the cult favorite AMC comic book adaptation Preacher can stream the Season 1 finale online Sunday night, or on a delayed basis later, to see if the dark, quirky, and atmospheric drama finally takes its cue from the hit series of graphic novels and puts its strange, but endearing trio of main characters on the road, and out of the fictional town of Annville, Texas, once and for all.

Some mild spoilers for both the Preacher TV series and the comic book series follow. To avoid any spoilers and find out directly how to watch the Season 1 finale of Preacher stream online, skip to the bottom of this article.

In the comic book series, published in 75 individual issues between 1995 and 2000 — and compiled into a set of graphic novels as well — Jesse Custer, the preacher with, quite literally, the voice of God; Cassidy, a century-old Irish vampire with an insatiable thirst for alcohol and drugs; and Tulip, Jesse’s outlaw girlfriend who constantly tries to draw the preacher back into his previous life of crime, all leave Annville as soon as the series begins.

The remainder of the saga, which was published by DC Comics adult-oriented Vertigo division, followed their journey around America, searching for a lost God.

But the AMC Preacher TV series has been a different story, literally.

Adapted by big screen funnyman Seth Rogen, his writing/producing partner Evan Goldberg, and former Breaking Bad writer Sam Catlin — who also serves as the Preacher showrunner — the series has spent the entire first season with Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy in Annville, a small town with a decidedly dark underbelly, establishing characters and situations that in many cases are barely mentioned if they exist at all in the comic book, which was penned by Irish writer Garth Ennis with art primarily by England’s Steve Dillon — an interesting pedigree for a series that dwelled on themes of American folklore, albeit in a twisted and darkly comic way.

AMC has released a video of the first five minutes of the Preacher Season 1 finale, to get fans excited for the episode with will stream online at 9 p.m. Eastern and Pacific time on Sunday, July 31. Watch those first five minutes, below.

For Rogen, star of such hit big screen comedies as Knocked Up, Pineapple Express, and Neighbors, developing and producing Preacher, he said at a San Diego Comic-Con press conference, has been one of his most creatively fulfilling experiences.

“I’m honestly shocked at the amount of stuff that we get away with,” Rogen said in San Diego earlier in July. “The only thing we can’t do is say ‘f***.’ Literally. Other than that, we can say or do anything we want. It’s been surprising how free the creative process has been.”

Preacher has already been renewed for a Season 2 by AMC — the network best known for The Walking Dead, Mad Men, and Breaking Bad — despite disappointing ratings that have not seen the show top 2 million viewers since the second of the season’s nine episodes leading into the July 31 finale.

Subscribers to the Comcast Xfinity cable service can use their login credentials to watch a live stream of the Preacher Season 1 finale Sunday night at 9 p.m. at this link. Viewers with a Time Warner Cable login can use this link to see the real time Preacher Season 1 finale stream. The episode will stream online as well, on a delayed basis, on the AMC site at this link, where fans can also catch up on or rewatch Episodes 1 through 9 of Season 1 as well.

Preacher fans who do not have access to cable login credentials can still watch the finale episode of Season 1 stream online — for free. Simply sign up for a subscription to the internet TV service Sling TV at this link. For a fee of $20 per month, the bundle of channels includes AMC — and Preacher. But Sling TV offers a seven-day free trial, so subscribers can choose whether or not to keep the service after watching the Preacher Season 1 finale live online. The PlayStation Vue internet TV package also carries AMC and offers a seven-day free trial, which can be accessed at this link, to watch the final episode of Preacher — until next season.

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