Policewoman Dies From Criminal Spitting In Her Face, Contracted Tuberculosis From His Saliva

A policewoman from Ukraine has died after contracting tuberculosis while attempting to arrest a criminal Kiev. The female officer, Arina Koltsova, was arresting the man on New Year’s Day when he spit in her face. However, at the time of the arrest, Koltsova did not know that the man was infected with tuberculosis. Therefore, she continued her life as normal until she collapsed one day at work. She would later find out that she had contracted the deadly illness from the encounter and would eventually pass away from the disease.

The Daily Mail reports that a policewoman from Ukraine has died from tuberculosis that she contracted from a criminal that spit in her face during arrest. Arina Koltsova was reportedly arresting a man on New Year’s Day when he resisted arrest and spit in the woman’s face. Not knowing that the man was infected with tuberculosis, Koltsova did not seek medical treatment and would continue working for the police department.

However, one day while on patrol with her partner, Koltsova fell ill and collapsed at work. She was taken to the hospital where it was determined she had been infected with tuberculosis. Koltsova and her partner realized that the illness began the day the criminal spit in her face and it was determined that the man arrested had the disease when he infected the policewoman with his saliva. The young policewoman had an acute case of TB and was forced to undergo chemotherapy.

Photos show that the woman suffered significantly following the chemo treatments and eventually lost her hair and suffered from severe malnutrition. Her police partner says she was eventually forced to be fed through IV and that she dropped a considerable amount of weight leading up to her death.

“She became ill after New Year’s Day. She had arrested this guy and he spat in her face. Some time later she collapsed. She had received treatment. She underwent chemotherapy, she was fed food through an IV drip and she had lost a lot of weight.”

Koltsova eventually succumb to the disease and passed away in Kiev. The policewoman was buried just two days after her passing and the Kiev Police Department is currently investigating the case to determine if the suspect who spit in Koltsova’s face knowing he had TB should be charged.

Meanwhile, family and friends of Arina Koltsova says she is an “irreplaceable woman” who simply wanted to make a difference in the world. Her friends say that law enforcement was meant for Arina as she wanted to help bring about change.

“Arina wanted to change something for our country. Joining the police was a conscious choice, she wanted to change things for better.”

While tuberculosis can be deadly, the National Institute of Health notes that most cases of TB are curable and that most patients can be cured by taking antibiotics for six to 12 months. However, some cases are drug resistant and are not easily treated. It is not clear if Koltsova suffered from a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis or if she simply was not diagnosed quickly enough for effective treatment options.

Do you think the criminal who spit in policewoman Arina Koltsova’s face should face charges related to her death if the criminal knew he had tuberculosis at the time of the incident? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

[Image via Facebook/Arina Koltsova]