Joe Budden On Drake’s Character During MTV2’s ‘Uncommon Sense’: ‘Everything About Drake’s Behavior Is Lame’

Joe Budden continues to take shots at Drake’s character, and it doesn’t look like he’s alone in his judgement.

If you’re a fan of either Slaughterhouse’s Joe Budden or OVO’s Drake, then you must be aware that the two are currently in what appears to be a moderately heated rap beef. It doesn’t appear to be so much over music than character, however, and Joe Budden makes this abundantly clear in his interviews. Some would argue that the beef is one-sided, and that Budden is merely attacking Drake’s career. According to the 35-year-old “Pump It Up” rapper, it goes deeper and hits a personal level.


It was previously reported that Joe Budden had received passive-aggressive messages from Drake, leaving him wondering just what the “Controlla” rapper’s motive was. Apparently, Drake had challenged Budden to come out with 25 diss tracks before a certain time frame. The intent was unclear, and yet the Slaughterhouse rapper went on to discuss his disapproval of Drake.

In a report by HipHopDx, it was said that Joe Budden made mention of Drake’s DMs when he appeared on Charlamagne The God’s talk show “Uncommon Sense”.

“Everything about Drake’s behavior is lame,” Budden said.

Charlamagne weighed in on the matter, further stating his confusion as to how Drake was approaching the beef between them.

“Yo Drake Insta DM’ed Joe Budden a picture of Joe’s face. It was Joe’s own face and it looked like Joe was crying. It was the weirdest thing. He invited you to his show and told you to bring as many people as you want. And then he said ‘I’m gonna pray for you and I hope you get through this,'” Charlamagne stated.


As you can see, the message appears to be one that raises questions. Is Drizzy going to aim at Budden’s head in a manner similar to how Budden has released diss tracks already? Controversy has surrounded Drake in regards to his credibility, with some believing that he’s not as tough as the vibe that he gives off. Budden accentuated the fact that he wouldn’t be sharing the direct messages from the OVO rapper, explaining that he does things differently. In a report by HipHopWired, Budden even makes it known that he’s “aware that he looks nuts” in response to the building beef between himself and Drake.

“I’m just from a generation that doesn’t behave like that. I just expect if I’m rapping at somebody for them to not DM me a bunch of soft stuff,” Joe said.

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill appeared to be vastly different. Drake took shots at him on a personal level, albeit Meek Mill’s name didn’t directly appear in the Toronto native’s lyrics to the effect that his name appears in Budden’s. Still, it was quite clear that Drake was all business against the Philly rapper.

Charlamagne makes mention of this during the talk show with Joe Budden, stating that his opinion of Drake had changed since Joe Budden brought the direct messages to light.

“The thing that changed my perception about Drake last year was the fact he handled Meek so Hip Hop. He handled it with bars. It looked real G,” Charlamagne stated. “But when you showed me those Instagram messages he sent you in your DMs, it takes me right back to the guy who I think was, you know, using a little feather duster to tickle the bottom of people’s toes.”

It’s apparent that Drake appears soft to Joe Budden, as he indirectly cosigned on Charlamagne’s words.

How do you feel about the rap beef between Budden and Drake? Do you feel that Drake will retaliate or that he’s simply waiting to clap back at Budden? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

[Photo By Brian Ach/Getty Images]