Do Bernie Sanders, One Direction Have The Same Fans?

Is the connection between One Direction and Bernie Sanders fans so obvious that some might wonder if WikiLeaks is about to reveal that Simon Cowell has been secretly running Sanders’ campaign?

As it appears, the connections between One Direction and Bernie Sanders — outside of the fact that both “own” Twitter — began in September 2015. At that time, Bustle reported that Bernie Sanders said he liked Harry Styles of One Direction the best.

Recently, during the Democratic National Convention (DNC), some attendants started linking the fan armies of Bernie and 1D — but this was not the first time One Direction and Bernie Sanders fans have been linked.

For example, Slate writes a supportive piece about Bernie Sanders fans being compared to Directioners in February and states the following.

“In truth, any prominent online mob—Florida State football fans, the right-wing #Twitchy crew, boy band acolytes, ISIS supporters—can be caught cribbing from the same online playbook. Everything that Bernie Bros have been accused of doing is something I’ve seen from One Directioners on Twitter.”

As Bernie Sanders continued his campaign for president in the spring of 2016, the idea of the relationship between Berners and Directioners gained speed. Then, during DNC speeches that took place around July 25, people started to notice Bernie Sanders fans in the crowd looked a lot like One Direction fans.

Mainly, it was because the Bernie Sanders supporters were crying like One Direction fans tend to do when they see their beloved stars for the first time.

Bernie Sanders fans behave like One Direction fans Bernie Sanders fans remind some people of One Direction fans. [Photo by Mary Altaffer/AP Images]Regardless of the comparisons made in the past between Directioners and Berners, there are also a lot of coincidences that have not been highlighted elsewhere.

For instance, when the Bernie Sanders campaign is compared to the rise of One Direction, it is clear that both were built by fans “tweet by tweet, GIF by GIF, dollar by dollar.” Therefore, there is a “complicated relationship” between Bernie Sanders/One Direction and their fans that is, perhaps, “unmatched in its codependency.”

Like Bernie Sanders’ fans, One Direction fans also deal with corruption and bad management by people that are supposed to be helping. In October 2015, One Direction fans battled it out with 1D’s management team for being “aggressively controlling” and hurting 1D.

Bernie Sanders and One Direction have the youth vote Bernie Sanders fans and One Direction fans have an immediate similarity because of their shared age demographics. [Photo by Mark J. Terrill/AP Images]Before the DNC WikiLeaks reveal, Bernie Sanders fans were also railing against the powers that be of the DNC about hurting Bernie Sanders when the DNC should have been unbiased in helping him.

Other interesting similarities include the fact that Bernie Sanders is known for being against corruption, and One Direction also works against corruption caused by online ticket scalpers via FanFair Alliance, according to Daily Record.

Nevertheless, there are at least a few similarities between Bernie Sanders and One Direction fan culture that are horrifying. For example, Bernie Sanders fan fiction might be sparse compared to 1D, but instead of the charms of “Larry Stylinson” there is a “Dernie” (Donald Trump x Bernie) relationship to ponder.

So far, it seems that the only thing that the One Direction and Bernie Sanders fan armies do not have in common is a documentary about the fans, themselves.

Now that the DNC is over and Bernie Sanders has officially quit the race for president, Bernie’s message about the future for his fans sounds a lot like he borrowed lyrics from One Direction’s song “History” with a special emphasis on the part that goes: “You and me got a whole lot of history, so don’t let it go. We can make some more. We can live forever.”

While there may be some animosity when outsiders compare One Direction and Bernie Sanders fans, 1D and Bernie are more than happy to lead their fan armies after quitting campaigning/touring.

Like the vacationing One Direction, post-DNC Bernie Sanders has fans proclaiming their undying love and ongoing support. Instead of focusing on a new band/candidate, the #BernieOrBust or #StillSanders fandom on Twitter are saying that they are not giving up on Bernie running for president in 2016.

These dedicated Bernie Sanders fans have also talked about a write-in campaign, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Moreover, like One Direction, Bernie Sanders will likely endure as a celebrity with a strong fan following because he might run for president/release a new album in the future.

Bernie Sanders also keeps his supporters’ undying loyalty because, like 1D, he is ultimately working to support his fans, as individuals, to be better leaders.

For instance, One Direction and Bernie Sanders are firm supporters of good causes and seem to take Muhammad Ali’s quote, “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth,” to heart.

Coincidentally, in 2015, One Direction put forward a political action plan for fans called #Action1D that has a lot of the same flavor as Bernie Sanders’ new “Our Revolution.”

Ultimately, if Bernie Sanders and One Direction share any serious similarities, it is that they pose the same question for their Our Revolution/Action1D fans: What kind of world do you want to live in?

Naturally, for numerous reasons, if Bernie Sanders runs for president in 2020, an excellent choice for his campaign song would be One Direction’s “Drag Me Down.” This is especially true since anyone that says they “feel the Bern” definitely has “fire for a heart.”

[Photo by Cliff Owen/AP Images]