Bernie Sanders Admits Some Of His Supporters Will Not Back Hillary Clinton, Assumes Donald Trump Will Get Their Vote

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spent the week of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) touting Hillary Clinton’s praises in hopes to get his supporters to back her. CBS News reports that Sanders admits that not all his supporters will back Hillary, in fact, many of them have expressed that they plan to vote for Donald Trump.

Bernie has worked very hard the past few weeks to get his supporters to back Clinton, despite losing the Democratic nomination. He wanted them to join her to defeat Donald Trump in November, but admits the reality is, many of them will not support her “no matter what.”

“We have over 13 million people who supported my candidacy. And I have no doubt that there are some of those people who will not vote for Hillary Clinton. But I would say that the vast majority of them — and I think as the campaign progresses and people take a hard look at the issues — I think more and more of those people will come on board Sec. Clinton’s campaign.”

A handful of Bernie’s supporters showed up at the DNC last week with the intention to make trouble for Hillary Clinton. A few of them even booed or walked out during speeches and held protests outside the convention site. On Monday night, Sanders spoke and endorsed Hillary for U.S. President and urged his supporters to join Clinton’s campaign and unify the Democratic Party to work together to defeat Donald Trump.

“I would ask… of my supporters to get away from the personality conflicts that media tries to bring forward and focus on the real issues impacting the American people. And when you do that, I think the choice is pretty clear and that is that Hillary Clinton is far and away the superior candidate.”


During Hillary’s speech, the media pointed out that Sanders was not smiling and looked almost angry. They speculated that he was upset about having “the election stolen from him” and felt trapped into backing Clinton as a nominee. Bernie explained that couldn’t be farther from the truth. He claims he is not a “smiley-kind-of guy” and felt Hilary speech included “many very, very important points.”

Sanders added that the most important thing he must agree with Clinton on is that Donald is not the right candidate to win the 2016 election. To defeat Trump, Bernie will campaign vigorously for Clinton and will continue to try to convince his supporters to vote for Hillary in November. He feels that, at this point, she is “the right choice for president.”

“In these stressful times, we’ve got to bring our people together not divide us up, which is what Trump is trying to do.”


Fox News Insider reports that many Bernie supporters are saying they will never vote for Hillary, even if it means voting for Donald Trump. As much as they were hoping Sanders would win the election, they have shifted their focus to campaigning just as hard for GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Many of them claim they want to make sure that Hillary will not win and stated they “are done with the Democratic Party.” It started a “Never Hillary movement that has taken a life of its own in the past few weeks.

One of the biggest issues Bernie Sanders’ supporters see with Hillary Clinton is they feel as if she won the nomination unfairly. They believe the system was “rigged” in her favor, and no matter what Bernie did, the nomination would have been tossed in Hillary’s direction.


Even so, Bernie hasn’t lost faith and planned to use his time and energy to help elect Clinton and defeat Donald Trump in November, US News reports. He hopes, in time, his followers will see that a vote for Hillary takes a vote away from Trump, and that will translate into a win for the Democratic Party.

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