‘ARK: Survival Evolved’ Guide: Allosaurus Taming And Use

The ARK: Survival Evolved 245.0 update brought an all-new carnivore into the mix for Survivors on the PC to deal with, while Xbox One owners will have to wait for an August update. The Allosaurus is a pack predator that comes with some interesting bonuses.

Where to Find the Allosaurus

The Allosaurus is slightly larger than a Carnotaurus, but smaller than a Rex. While not as fast as the former or as powerful as the latter, they are deadly due to the fact they spawn in packs of three, which grants a buff to the alpha of the group as long as there are at least three in the pack. These packs can get larger by merging with other packs with the highest level Allosaurus always notes as the alpha by a reddish-orange aura emanating from its back.

On The Island, they can frequently be found around the Redwood Forest and Northeastern Shores. Allosaurus also tend to hang out in the area around the volcano. They can occasionally be found in the Southern Isles area, as well.

Meanwhile, The Center’s (guide) floating island is the most common place to find packs of Allosaurus on that map. They can also be encountered at Jungle South and South Tropical Island along with Lava Island, Jungle North, and Half-Burnt Island.


An pack of Allosaurus in ARK: Survival Evolved for the PC and Xbox One.
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Successfully taming an Allosaurus can be difficult simply because they roam in packs. The best strategy in this case is to kill or separate the non-alpha members of the pack and isolate the alpha. This will cause it to lose its alpha buff and make it much easier to tame.

The best strategy is to find a high rock or cliff to shoot Tranq Darts or Arrows at the Allosaurus. Pairing up with a tribemate and shooting from a bird or luring it into a taming pen is favorable as well as they cannot be picked up with a Quetzal.

The Allosaurus is still a fast beast, so players will want to use the environment to their advantage. A Movement Speed rating of at around 160 percent is needed to outrun them.

Diplodocus Kibble is the preferred food for the Allosaurus followed by Raw Prime Meat and Raw Meat. Making Diplo Kibble requires the egg, one Savoroot, one Rare Flower, two Mejoberries, three Fiber, and one Waterskin.

The torpor value for the Allosaurus will drain fast when knocked out. Fortunately, it has a high torpor rating so you shouldn’t expect it to wake up quickly.

Refer to the taming calculators at DodoDex, Survive Ark, or Crumplecorn for the exact amount of food and narcotics needed for the level of Allosaurus you are attempting to tame.


As expected from a two-legged, sharp-toothed predator, the Allosaurus is best served in an offensive role of killing other dinosaurs or Survivors in ARK: Survival Evolved. It is best to travel with them in a pack of three or more tames to gain the alpha buff to the highest level of the group.

The Allosaurus with alpha status will receive a damage buff from 35 to 47 and a secondary attack that not only does damage, but slows the target and does bleeding damage as well. The Survivor riding the alpha can also make it roar, which causes the others of the pack to roar.

The Allosaurus Saddle can be unlocked at level 50 and requires 320 Hide, 170 Fiber, and 30 Metal Ingots to craft in a Smithy.


A wild Allosaurus does not have a great amount of health or stamina when tamed. The stamina in particular drains quickly and recharges slowly. This makes it health and stamina the two primary ratings ARK: Survival Evolved players should focus on when leveling the dinosaur up.

Melee Damage is not as critical to level up as players should tame three or more Allosaurus and travel around in a pack for the buff. Thus, it is more important to have enough health for all of the members of the pack to stay alive to keep the buff.


ARK: Survival Evolved - Allosaurus Dossier (PC, Xbox One)
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  • Wild: Smaller but faster than Tyrannosaurus, larger but slower than Carnotaurus, Allosaurus therotribus is the island’s resident pack-hunting theropod. While most aggressive theropods are relatively solitary creatures, Allosaurus lives in groups of 3-4. One Allosaurus is the Alpha, while the others are its mates or a beta male.
  • Known Information: Like humans find value in forming a tribe, the Allosaurus has evolved to hunt in packs. Its saw-shaped teeth leave its prey bleeding and maimed, making escape difficult. Once an Allosaurus slows a creature with its cutting bite, the rest of its pack quickly close in for the kill…
  • Domesticated: Not everyone thinks a tamed Allosaurus is ideal. Those who value speed generally tame Carnotaurus, while those who value raw stopping power tame Tyrannosaurus. However, riders of Allosaurus tend to value the utility of its Alpha pack status, which along with its bleed-inducing attacks and relative mobility, can effectively turn the tide of a combined arms battle.

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