Amanda Bynes’ Uncle Says “She Needs Help”

Amanda Bynes has been on a downward spiral of traffic incidents and bizarre public appearances that lead many observers to believe that she is in the grips of a breakdown, and now her family is rallying to her side.

As Inquisitr had previously reported, Bynes’ parents are reportedly moving from Texas to be with the embattled star, providing her support as she faces the legal issues surrounding a string of car accidents and violations. Now her uncle has chimed in, making a pubic call to the star to get help for the issues she is facing.

Her uncle said that Amanda Bynes “needs help” and that if she does not win her “battle with instability,” she could be risking more than just a stay in jail.

“She needs to stop drinking and driving. She needs help,” her uncle, Ronald Bynes, told Celebuzz.

Though her family had previously denied that Amanda Bynes has a drug problem, last week the 26-year-old actress was photographed smoking what appeared to be a drug pipe as she drove around aimlessly with a suspended license. Her car was later impounded when Bynes continued to drive despite being ordered not to.

Ronald Bynes’ account of the situation appeared to differ from her parents’ actions. He told Celebuzz, “The problem is there’s no correspondence between Amanda and her parents. I don’t even think they know what’s going on with her. They’re very upset about her recent problems, but they’re in the dark.”

Her parents haven’t spoken publicly about their decision to move back in with Amanda, but it’s possible that the uncle’s words were the motivation they needed to step up and play a bigger role in her life. He added that her parents appeared to be clueless about the issues Amanda Bynes’ was facing, channel 24 noted. Earlier this year her father told People magazine that his daughter “was not drunk” the night of her DUI arrest and insisted that she “doesn’t drink.”

But her parents weren’t the only ones blinded to Amanda’s true lifestyle, Ronald added.

“I never knew she drank,” he said. “As far as her dad knew, she never drank before. I don’t know if she did it privately.”

The intervention of her family might have worked — Amanda Bynes has now reportedly committed to rehab.