‘Pokémon GO’ Update Fixed: All Is Not Lost If Game Resets To Level One

Pokémon GO fans that updated their app with the newest release may have received a horrible surprise after logging out of the game. Many fans discovered that their progress was reverted back to the very beginning of the game, resulting in a complete loss of all of their progress.

Individuals that did successfully upgrade the app were excited to see that they were not impacted. However, with the introduction of a new iOS update, those fans that chose to update overnight woke up to find they were logged out of the game. After logging back in, many might have found that their progress was mysteriously reset back to the beginning, according to the Telegraph.

However, despite the uproar over the Pokémon GO update, not everyone was impacted. With no response from Niantic, some are wondering if they should apply the update or wait until Niantic responds.

If you are wondering whether or not to update Pokémon GO, don’t fret. Research into the matter has revealed that the update itself does not harm your Pokémon GO progress. In fact, other than taking away the steps that guide you in the direction to walk, there isn’t really a negative to upgrading. Reverting back to the beginning is actually not an issue with the app, but instead with the user’s device and is easily resolved in a matter of minutes.

Users that update the Pokémon GO have shared some strong opinions at Niantic’s newest update. The Daily Mail shared responses from the fans, many of which claim that they will either quit playing Pokémon GO, reluctantly start over, and potentially even sue Niantic for the waste of their time.

Despite the outrage, the issue is not the end of the world. In fact, restoring the game is as easy as taking a few minutes of time to verify the account you are logged into. Although the process has not been verified by Niantic, many players, including myself, have found the resolution to work flawlessly.

So, how do you get all of your Pokémon GO progress back?

The answer is simple. The newest update from Niantic has created a connection between the Google accounts that player is logged into via the Safari app on iOS devices. When the game is restarted, as happened when the newest iOS update was applied, it logged into the Google account that the browser was logged into. Therefore, the Pokémon GO app was potentially logged in with an account that was not previously used for the game, resulting in the creation of a new game.

To resolve the issue, simply tap the Safari icon on the mobile device, log out of the Google accounts, then log back into the Pokémon GO app. Be certain you are logging in as your original account, and all of the Pokémon GO data should return instantly. I have personally tested this on two devices, and each time it has worked flawlessly.

Although this approach has not been tested on Windows Mobile or Android devices, it is reported to be the same process.

Pokémon GO has become the biggest craze of the summer. Many players have spent countless hours and walked seemingly endless kilometers on their search for their favorite Pokémon as they strive to collect them all. The sudden loss of all data has caused mass devastation across the Pokémon GO community. Now, with the issue resolved, those individuals can take a sigh of relief and continue their journey to be the very best.

[Image via Kenary820/Shutterstock]