UFO Hunter Spots 'Face Of Donald Trump' On Mars -- Is The Donald A Mars Alien?

A UFO hunter claims to have spotted the face of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in a photo of the Martian surface snapped by NASA's Opportunity rover.

The Opportunity rover photo, taken in 2010, shows a Martian rock that bears striking resemblance to the face and head of the estate mogul Trump, according to the UFO blogger Scott C. Waring.

The details of the shape of the piece of Martian rock appear to replicate the shape of Trump's face, including his nose, his mouth, and his distinctive hairstyle, according to the blogger.

The alleged resemblance of the rock to the profile of Trump's face has sparked speculation in conspiracy theory forums, with many proffering fanciful theories, including a suggestion that the otherwise nondescript lump of rock could be an ancient sculpture of the estate mogul's face that proves he could have unsuspected links with Mars alien civilization.

"I have found Trump's face on Mars in an Opportunity rover photo," Waring declared on his UFO Sightings Daily blog. "The face, nose and hair looked so much like Trump's that I had to share it with you."

To demonstrate the striking resemblance of the piece of rock to a bust of Trump, Waring found a photo of the face of Trump in profile and superimposed it on the Martian rock. The details of the profile of Trump's face fitted perfectly with the details of the contours of the surface of the rock, according to the alien hunter.

"The photo below has his face superimposed upon the rock so that you can see the incredible detail."
Bust of Trump on Planet Mars
Bust of Trump on Mars, according to conspiracy theorist [Image via NASA/UFO Sightings Daily]The alien hunter then wondered aloud whether the discovery of a bust of Donald Trump on Mars is proof that he is an alien or a human being descended from Mars aliens that created a powerful civilization with advanced culture.

He also wondered whether Trump has magical extraterrestrial powers that explain his ability to command the loyalty of so many Americans.

"Is this a sign that Trump is an alien, or descended from the aliens on Mars?"
And Waring made clear to bewildered readers that his speculation was not meant to be tongue-in-cheek. He attempted to demonstrate the validity of his reasoning that an apparently human person could, in fact, be an alien by making reference to the famous Rocca Pia case.

"There was a case long ago in Rocca Pia, Italy," he wrote, "where aliens met with humans there for several decades. They [the aliens] called themselves the W56, and said there was another group called the CTR. The CTR was said to exploit the human race for financial gains. I am wonder if Trump is a member of the CTR."

The Rocca Pia case, investigated by the "Dark Journalist" Timothy Good (see YouTube video), allegedly happened in Pescara, Italy in the last century (1950s-1990s). It involved a secret group of benevolent aliens who, under the code-name W56, contacted selected humans under a project called "Amicizia" ("Friendship"), and warned them of the existence of another group of evil aliens, the CTR, who were a threat to human civilization.

"The CTR was said to exploit the human race for financial gains. I am wonder if Trump is a member of the CTR."
The benevolent W56 aliens were identical to humans in appearance, but some were much taller than normal humans. The came from a very distant star and planet in our galaxy and established a secret community of about 200 individuals living in secret underground and undersea bases.

They took some of their human contactees ("The Friends") to their underground and undersea bases and showed them their UFO spacecraft and even allowed some to enter the spacecraft.

The people selected by the aliens as members of the special contactee group called "The Friends," were all individuals of high social status. The aliens delivered to the human contactees a message of peace, love and goodwill. They indicated that they were concerned about the spiritual welfare of the human race. They said they were willing to help humanity fight against the evil CRT, a technologically advanced alien race that had infiltrated world governments and was attempting to use advanced genetic engineering to create a new hybrid race that would replace humans.

Unknown to humanity, the evil CTR -- sometimes identified with the evil Reptilians of alien folklore -- had established a massive and extensive network of underground and undersea bases around the world and perfecting an unbelievably evil plan to take over the world by 2046, according to conspiracy theorists.

But whether Trump is really a member of the CTR is likely to be a divisive subject in online conspiracy theory forums.

Waring's latest discovery of a rock on Mars that appears to be uncannily similar to Donald Trump comes as the Daily Mail also reported the discovery of an old tree in a field in the countryside at Glewstone, Hereford, in the U.K., that bears a striking resemblance to the Republican presidential candidate, including his distinctive hairstyle and "open big mouth."

Jon Rowley, 36, the photographer who discovered the "tree Trump," suggested, tongue-in-cheek, that it could be an omen about "who could become president."

[Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP Photo]