Donald Trump In 1994 On Wife Ivana Meeting Mistress Marla — Why Women Are Like Buildings [Video]

Donald Trump spoke about the day that his wife Ivana Trump met his mistress, Marla Maples, on the ski slopes in Aspen in a video from 1994 that’s going viral in 2016. That was just one of the many revelations that are resurfacing about the man who may be president.

As reported by Salon, the 1994 interview with Trump was released by ABC News on Wednesday. Trump’s words about his former wives were part of an interview for Primetime Live, as Donald was joined by Marla in the interview.

Trump and his wife sat down with Nancy Collins in the interview that aired on March 10, 1994, wherein Marla and Donald opened up about pre-nuptial agreements and more. Trump said that he liked the reputation of a solid, married man. It was a reputation that Donald said he wanted for himself.

trump [Photo by Ron Frehm/AP Images]Marla, meanwhile, said that she felt like she knew Trump for millions of years.

“Be it painful, be it pleasant. It’s like we’re bonded. We’re really bonded.”

The then “power couple” from Palm Beach and New York spoke about anticipating getting married first and then having a baby. However, Marla and Donald got pregnant first, while Donald admitted that he haggled with “indecision” over marrying Marla — plus, they haggled over the amount Maples would get in a pre-nuptial agreement. Despite these admissions and Donald’s own admitted adultery, Trump blamed Marla for ruining his reputation.

“You’re destroying my reputation again. Not to be married before we have the baby? Oh my God.”

In theory, Donald hoped that marriage was an irrevocable deal. But still, a pre-nuptial agreement was necessary. Marla didn’t want to be offended by a pre-nup. Donald claimed to hate the concept of a pre-nup as well. If and when you get divorced, the “modern-day necessity” of a pre-nup was like planning for an impending divorce before even getting married.

The pre-nup was offensive to both Donald and Marla — Donald asked what else could he do about it.

“What am I supposed to do? She has to sign it.”

Despite Marla hating the idea of a pre-nup, she told Donald she’d sign whatever Trump needed for his bankers. Marla didn’t want to put a dollar amount on it, once you’re divorce — “once you’re divorced” — she repeated, noting the anticipation of divorce. Meanwhile, Trump negotiated Marla down to a mere million dollars.

Whereas Trump said that the million-dollar loan from his dad was “small,” as reported by the Texas Tribune, initially Trump said the million-dollar payoff to Marla was a lot of money.

“I think a million dollars is a lot of money.”

Eventually, Donald admitted that $1 million wasn’t a lot of money. Even though the argument was made that Marla was worth the $25 million she sought in case of a divorce — especially since Marla had been with Donald six years and had been loyal and had his baby already — Trump didn’t go for it.

While Marla said she wished Donald could separate business from “us,” Donald talked about building his empire by himself — not with Ivana’s help nor Marla’s help. Trump spoke about a divorce being no reason that a person should walk away from a marriage with him rich like the Queen of Sheba.

When Trump walked away from their marriage, Ivana got $13 million — which came shortly after Ivana confronted Marla on the ski slopes in Aspen. There was no shouting, but friction between Ivana and mistress Marla, Trump said. It could have been worse, Donald said, recalling a hefty man who told Trump he’d been in Aspen 20 years and had never had a date.

Trump’s empire was claimed to be worth billions of dollars, but life got boring because everything he touched turned to gold. Trump said he would like to be poor to see who would still be loyal to Trump. Trump called himself loyal to the point of absurdity. Instead of the public bailing him out, Trump said he bailed himself out of having billions of dollars of debt — with $975 million dollars of personal debt at the time.

trump [Photo by Doug Mills/AP Images]
Meanwhile, Trump blamed the demise of his marriage to Ivana on putting her to work after Trump suggested Ivana run the Trump Castle Casino.

“I think that putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. If you’re in business for yourself.”

Trump said Ivana would get angry at somebody at the casino over the telephone and she would start shouting. Donald claimed that a softness disappeared. She became an executive and not a wife.

“When I come home and dinner’s not ready I go through the roof. I create stars. I love creating stars. After they are a star, the fun is over for me. It’s like they are a building.

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