Kate Middleton Rumors: Vacation To France Could Be An Escape From Growing Problems In Royal Couple’s Marriage

Kate Middleton is facing rumors of a troubled marriage, with a report that she and Prince William are hoping that a new vacation will help shore up their increasingly shaky union.

The report claimed that Kate Middleton engineered a French vacation in order to escape the growing difficulties in their marriage. The speculation came from Celeb Dirty Laundry, which noted that Kate and William appear to have taken great lengths to keep the trip as secret as possible.

“Everything appears to be cloaked in mystery. There were two blacked out Range Rovers waiting for the Royal couple who were quickly transferred into the vehicles out of sight of paparazzi.”

Kate Middleton is very familiar with being churned through the rumor mill, though the reports are more often connected to her growing family than her relationship with Prince William. For several months, reports have indicated that Duchess Kate is either planning to have another baby or in fact, is already pregnant again.


One of those reports claimed that Kate Middleton is actually pregnant with twins, though some more recent reports seem to contradict this and claim that Kate is only expecting one baby.

Though the rumors are more often focused on babies than divorce, this is actually not the first time that rumors pointed to trouble for Kate Middleton and Prince William. A report from May claimed that they were having increasing difficulty dealing with the intense media spotlight that comes from being in the royal family.

The report came from In Touch magazine and quoted a source who claimed Duchess Kate and Prince William were heading off to couples therapy.

“Their issues are on an even bigger scale, and they’re constantly arguing at the moment about the pressure Kate is under, William’s attitude about it and how to raise their kids,” the source said (via Celeb Dirty Laundry). “They’re going through a very rocky patch.”

There could actually be a connection between their marital problems and the growing family. Aside from the fact that the couple now has two very young children — which itself brings a high level of stress to the marriage — there are reports that Kate and William are facing pressure from within their own family to have more kids.

The Hollywood Gossip reported that Carole Middleton, Kate’s mother, wants the couple to “keep crankin’ ’em out.”


It’s not clear if there is any truth at all to the rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William could be headed for divorce. The reports of problems in their marriage appear to be based solely on speculation and unnamed inside sources, and rumors about Duchess Kate have a very low rate of accuracy.

That can again be seen in the pregnancy reports, which have surrounded Kate and William non-stop since they were first married. While the reports have been correct two times, it seems more a function of tabloids putting out constant speculation that Kate is having another baby and finally getting it right when she happened to get pregnant.

Gossip Cop has thrown the brakes on the most recent report as well, claiming there is no truth to the reports that the vacation is meant to hide marital problems for Kate and William.

“Basically, the site has nothing to back up its sensational headline about Kate Middleton and Prince William having a ‘marriage crisis’ or ‘relationship issues.’ It has no proof or information from sources. Nor does the webloid apparently have any scruples about making up stories about the royals.

For their part, neither Kate Middleton nor Prince William have addressed the rumors that they are having difficulties in their marriage — or the rumors that Duchess Kate is pregnant, either.

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