Amanda Bynes Suffers 'Major Relapse': Former Child Star Reportedly Spending Uncontrollably, Acting Paranoid

After seeking help for her mental illness and enrolling at the California Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes seemed to be doing better. But now, friends and family are worried that she is once again "spiraling out of control" after exhibiting some troubling behavior. With reports of "through the roof" spending, anxiety, and drug use, is it possible the actress suffered a major relapse and is struggling to regain control?

Bynes Found Stardom At A Young Age

Before her breakdown in 2013, Bynes appeared to be a stable and established former child star. After starting her career at the age of ten on Nickelodeon's All That, she went on to star in two shows of her own, The Amanda Show and What I Like About You. She also starred in various movies, including She's the Man, What a Girl Wants, and Hairspray.

The Downfall Of A Child Star

However, in 2010, she retired from acting at the age of 24, and just a couple of years later, things started to unravel.

According to Ok! Magazine, in April of 2012 police arrested her for a DUI and an alleged hit-and-run. Later, they cited her for driving with a suspended license, and there was another DUI arrest in August.

By 2013, things got wild and weird. According to In Touch Weekly, she said she wanted Drake to "murder her vagina," got arrested for another DUI, pierced her cheeks, threw a bong out of her apartment window, and set her neighbor's driveway on fire.

After the bong incident, a resident in her building said Bynes was "crazy" and "not right in the head." The fire resulted in Bynes being placed on an involuntary 72-hour psychiatric hold and then a judge extended it for two more weeks.

Amanda Bynes arrives for an appearance at Manhattan Criminal Court on July 9, 2013.

Amanda Bynes Is Placed Under A Conservatorship

It was at this point that her parents, Rick and Lynne, stepped in and asked for conservatorship of the actress because she was paranoid and a danger to herself. Bynes' parents wrote in court papers that their daughter was obsessed with the idea that she is ugly and wanted to have multiple plastic surgeries. They were afraid that those surgeries would be dangerous and bad for her health. They added that she was paranoid about "being watched."

Bynes eventually started getting better. After moving to a private facility and pretty much avoiding social media, she enrolled in school and got sober. According to Celebuzz, she even gave an interview this past summer where she revealed she wanted to get back into acting.

"I do miss acting and I have something surprising to tell you: I'm going to start acting again," she said at the time. "I want to do TV. Maybe a few guest spots on some shows that I'm a fan of and maybe another TV show where I'm the star of it."

However, she had a difficult time landing a gig, and insiders say not getting a job has brought her down. Her anxiety has increased, and one source said that the last time he saw her she "looked out of it."

Her spending has also skyrocketed since getting control of her finances back from her parents. So now, everyone is asking, is Amanda Bynes okay? Unfortunately, the fear is she may be having another mental breakdown.