Lindsay Lohan Out Of Control: Paranoia, Rages, Alcoholism, Fantasizes Harry Styles Wants To Sleep With Her

Lindsay Lohan lives a life of chaos and confusion with occasional moments of super-success, like her breakthrough role in Mean Girls and a 2014 appearance in Speed the Plow that impressed critics.

“Troubled Lindsay surprised all of her critics in 2014 when she appeared in David Mamet’s Speed the Plow – and went on to unexpectedly steal the show.”

Now Lindsay’s bizarre and dysfunctional behavior is reaching a fever pitch once more, according to the Sun. Yahoo News reports that Lindsay has been smoking while pregnant. Not only that, her fiancé and baby daddy, Egor, recently abandoned her due to her erratic and paranoid behavior.

“Despite her [2014] success, pals claimed the star – who has been in rehab at least six times – soon fell back into a dangerous downwards spiral of partying… [Egor] has said to his friends that she is out of control, and has been asking her pals if she is always like this, and if he has any hope of controlling her. Not only has she racked up excessive debts, but she’s got a compulsive shopping and spending problem and expects to be flown around the world privately.”


The downward spiral has been accompanied by a wave of negative press. First, Lindsay showed up in the tabloids when she spoke out about an incident when Harry Styles of One Direction showed up at her hotel room and tried to seduce her, or so Lindsay believed.

USA Today reports that Lindsay Lohan was shocked when a handsome stranger showed up at her room wanting sex. Lindsay later discovered that the man was Harry Styles.

Lindsay’s claim was soon debunked, according to the Inquisitr. Apparently, Harry Styles’ friends played a prank on him, telling him there was a party in Lindsay’s room, and that is why Harry went there.

“The truth was that Harry was subject of a prank by some of his team who told Styles that there was a party in her room.”


Perhaps the confused star was on one of her benders that weekend. The Sun reports that Lindsay drinks a whopping three bottles of vodka every day and suffers from paranoia and delusions about her own importance.

“She thinks she can go wherever she wants and behave however she wants because she’s famous, and you’re left following behind saying sorry.”

The troubled actress reportedly believes everybody from the FBI, to staff at the popular Nobu restaurant, to Harry Styles, to her many ex-boyfriends, is out to get her and/or wants a piece of her.

“Once she even tried to call the FBI because she thought her flat was bugged… On another occasion she was thrown out of Lou Lou’s club because she kicked off over a photo booth that she thought had been bugged by an ex… Another time she accused chefs at Nobu of spiking her food with nuts, and claimed she was allergic to them – even though she isn’t in the slightest.”

The heavy-drinking actress is convinced that people are “obsessed with her” and watching her every move. Friends report that wild partying and heavy drinking has taken its toll and that may be the reason for the star’s lack of mental balance.

“Now most days she’ll wake up, drink vodka – she drinks about three bottles a day – watch TV, eat McDonalds, and then start getting ready to go out. And her wild-partying has really taken its toll on her.”

Things may get worse now that Lindsay has split with fiancé Egor, who protected her for a time, according to the report. Sources told the Sun that “before she and Egor got engaged, she was constantly frightened that she was being watched by people who she claimed were obsessed with her.” Lindsay’s ex-fiancé did his best to control her wild behavior while they were together.

Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram to assure fans that she will be ok. She also expressed regret that she made her recent problems public.

“I am sorry that I’ve exposed certain private matters recently. I was acting out of fear and sadness… We all make mistakes. Sadly mine have always been so public.”

[Photo by Andrew H. Walker / Getty Images]