Austin Shooting Breaking News Update: Active Shooter Kills One, Injures Multiple Civilians [Video]

Two separate shootings have happened in Austin, Texas, in the same area.

According to CNN, the shootings have caused the life of a woman in her 30s, currently being identified by the authorities.

Austin police have noted that they have already secured both locations, but there were multiple civilians who were injured at the 208 East 6th Street location.


The Austin-Travis County EMS also advised everyone via Twitter to avoid the said area, according to ABC News.


The police have also advised everyone in the area to stay at home and to avoid the downtown location. They noted that the shooter is still active.

Meanwhile, the authorities have not clarified if they already have the “active shooter” in custody or not.


The authorities have confirmed that there were 4 injured victims during the shooting: two men and two women.

“Four surviving victims were transported via Austin-Travis County EMS to UMC Brackenridge hospital with both life-threatening and non-life threatening gunshot wounds to the chest, thigh, ankle and buttock,” the affidavit said.

The shooting happened near Sixth Street and San Jacinto and 26-year-old Sam Vedamanikam witnessed the event. Vedemanikam said they were leaving a dance club when the shootings happened.

“There were just tons of people on Sixth Street and I see all of them jump toward the ground,” he told Statesman. “A lot of people were screaming.”

The following morning, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo released a statement sending condolences to the families affected in the shooting.

“On behalf of the Austin Police Department, we wish to extend our deepest condolences to the family and friends of the young woman who lost her life to this senseless act of violence and wishes for a speedy recovery to the individuals wounded,” Acevedo said in a statement.


The preliminary investigations show that there is a possibility that the shooter knows the victims, but the authorities did not confirm this yet.

It was not only in the afternoon of the following day that the dead woman was identified as the 30-year-old Teqnika Moultrie. However, the “active shooter” was still roaming the streets at the time.

Austin Police Chief of Staff Brian Manley said the recovery was a “very chaotic scene.”

“A lot of people running in different directions with all the gunshots coming out.”

Teqnika’s brother, Ricky, told Statesman that Teqnika only traveled to Austin to visit her fiancé’s family. Ricky added that the entire family is mourning her death. Teqnika was said to be a very active individual, someone who “loved life.”

After our mother passed away, she filled those footsteps. She was the glue to our family.

The police has identified a person of interest, Endicott McCray. Ricky said they are not knowledgeable of the guy.

“They just wouldn’t be around that type of crowd, people that would commit a murder,” Ricky Moultrie said.

Meanwhile, the authorities have already issued a murder warrant for Endicott McCray. As of now, McCray has not been taken into custody, but his bail has already been set to $2 million.

“McCray pointed the firearm at the ground in front of him and fired at least one gunshot,” the affidavit said. “McCray then immediately raised and canted the firearm sideways as he fired up to four more gunshots.”

McCray is said to be 5’9″, black man who is about 130 pounds. He has a goatee and dreadlocks. Endicott McCray reportedly lives in San Marcos and has been involved in multiple burglary convictions.

The APD warns everyone to be wary of McCray as he is expected to be armed. For more information regarding the suspect, anyone can call APD’s tipline at 512-4773588.