Texas Mass Shooting: Gunman On The Run, One Person Dead, Multiple Injuries Reported

Update: Police officials have now confirmed that there were two simultaneous shooting incidents which led them to believe there was an “active shooter” threat. However, they still not been able to identify the suspect. Officials also believe the gunman could be among the injured and was taken to a hospital. Police confirm three people have been admitted to the nearby University Medical Center Brackenridge by Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services. Their conditions at this time remain unclear. Officials have also confirmed that the shootings happened at around 3 a.m. local time. Most of the victims were leaving the clubs and bars when the shooting took place.

Original Report: Just one day after 16 people were killed in a hot air balloon crash in Texas, we have some more tragic news coming from the state. According to ABC News, Austin police officials have confirmed the presence of an active shooter near a bar in downtown Austin. The gunman is believed to have shot “multiple victims” in an apparent mass shooting incident. At this time, it remains unclear if the victims are just injured or if they have been shot dead. The Austin-Travis County EMS has also confirmed the presence of the gunman and a mass shooting scenario, while adding that they are tending to “several individuals” with gunshot wounds.

Tweet sent out by the Austin Police Department confirming the incident below.

The handle, a few minutes ago, added that there were two separate shooting incidents.

Initial reports add that at least one person has been killed. The official Twitter handle of the Austin- Travis County EMS also tweeted about the death of a person, a female individual believed to be in her 30s.

Meanwhile, several people have posted videos, claiming to be captured at the time of the mass shooting. At this time, The Inquisitr cannot vouch for the veracity of the claims made by these uploaders. We have embedded a few videos below.

The police department is also seeking help from members of the general public if they have video footage or photographs captured during the mass shooting.

At this time there is no indication of the person or group behind this mass shooting incident. The immediate suspicion is already on ISIS, which has been claiming to be behind several attacks that shook Europe over the past few months. The U.S., earlier this year, witnessed the worst mass shooting in the country’s history when Omar Mateen, a 29-year-old security guard, walked in to the Pulse Orlando nightclub and opened fire at the people sitting inside. In a 911 call that was recorded on the day of the attack, Mateen is heard pledging allegiance to the leader of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Forty-nine people were killed in the Pulse Orlando attack.

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