Jenelle Evans Responds To Nikkole Paulun’s Post About Being A Teen Mom — ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Rants About Not Getting Government Assistance

Jenelle Evans has been making headlines for the last several weeks. Her fourth pregnancy was accidentally outted when a police report was released about an accident she was in earlier this month with her boyfriend, David Eason. Since then, Evans has gotten a lot of harsh criticism which caused her to take a short social media break. She is back now, but still hasn’t learned how to refrain from commenting on things that make her look bad. Evans is currently the queen of posting things to social media and then deleting them after receiving unkind remarks from haters.

Nikkole Paulun was on 16 & Pregnant with Jenelle Evans. It appears that the two are or were Facebook friends. On Friday, Paulun posted a rant about how the Teen Mom franchise doesn’t depict how real teenage mothers struggle because the ladies are paid a lot of money to appear on the show. According to Starcasm, Jenelle Evans shared the rant and commented about how much she struggles. She went on to talk about how she cannot qualify for any government assistance and how bad her credit is right now. When Paulun clapped back at Evans regarding her comments, they exchanged words. Evans accused her of being jealous that she was not signed to Teen Mom 2 because her mom reportedly didn’t allow it to happen. There were a few more comments made by friends of the two, including one slamming Paulun for not raising her son, Lyle.

The post Jenelle Evans shared and commented on has since been deleted. She received a lot of hateful remarks because she complained about not qualifying for WIC or financial aid because of being on Teen Mom 2. There were also remarks about how much she pays in taxes each year. Adam Lind revealed that the Teen Mom 2 girls make $250,000 a season for filming. That is a hefty chunk of change for young adults to rake in for being a reality television star. Evans is pretending she isn’t better off than most, which clearly isn’t the case. She has spent a small fortune in lawyers’ fees and court costs, not to mention the money she blew through while she was reportedly using drugs. While Evans may not be financially stable, it isn’t because of not having a good “job” at all.

As of now, there has still been no confirmation from Jenelle Evans regarding her pregnancy. Fans have been waiting for an announcement or something that would acknowledge the police report was indeed about her. When Evans did allude to it, she threw shade at co-star Chelsea Houska for the warm reception she got when she announced her second pregnancy. The Teen Mom 2 girls are highly competitive with one another when it comes to how the public perceives them. Evans has had issues with Houska in the past, mostly recently with a Twitter feud over a website they each launched. Since then, things were resolved between the two, and they were cordial at the reunion show which was taped back in April.

It seems that no matter what Jenelle Evans has to say, she always ends up with her foot in her mouth. Fans have been patient with her, but they took these last comments to heart. Evans has been complaining about the life she has, especially because she feels like she never gets ahead. There was some upset when she complained about not qualifying for any government assistance. This may be the comment that she will never live down. Jenelle Evans may want to work on thinking before typing, especially when it comes to complaining about things she believes she should have when so many of her fans are facing struggles of their own on a lesser salary.

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