Did Kodak Black Get Sentenced To Prison For Three Years? Viral Rumor Claims Rapper Set To Serve Hard Time

Is Kodak Black headed to prison for the next three years?

Viral rumors spread this weekend that the 19-year-old rapper had been sentenced to some serious time for the long sheet of charges he’s facing, but a number of more reputable outlets have come forward to debunk the rumor and set the record straight.

Kodak Black is still in jail after his latest arrest, which came in May. He was picked up in Broward County, Florida, on charges that included armed robbery and false imprisonment, WSVN reported.

The May arrest came just a few weeks after the Pompano Beach, Florida, native was arrested for another incident in which he allegedly led police on a chase after they tried to arrest him for making a drug deal. He left that incident with charges for possession of cannabis, fleeing from officers, and possessing a weapon by a convicted felon.

So while it’s clear that Kodak Black is facing some serious trouble, the rumor circulating that he’s been sentenced to three years in prison just isn’t true. It’s not exactly clear how the rumor got started, as DJ Akademiks noted that it’s difficult to trace it back to the source.

But DJ Akademiks was one of a handful of media personalities trying to debunk the rumor. He posted a YouTube clip calling out those who were spreading the false reports that Kodak Black was sentenced to prison.

His report can be seen below [the video contains some adult language].

While the story of Kodak Black’s legal problems are the biggest news surrounding him right now, he’s still managed to make an impression as one of the most up-and-coming rappers in the industry. As MTV noted, he released a mixtape while still behind bars, one that’s made a huge impression on the rap world.

Some of the tracks on the mixtape also touch on the difficulties he’s had keeping out of trouble, the MTV report noted.

“The fact that Kodak is in trouble with the law provides a sadly timely backdrop to the tape’s best track: ‘Letter,’ where he describes being in prison and reading a letter from a friend. The song could be over-sentimental, but Kodak infuses it with the levity of two pals talking shit to each other. His friend — just out of jail himself — wishes Kodak the best as he keeps fighting his case, tells him how all his friends miss him, dreams of what they’ll do together once he’s free (‘I was hoping when I get out we could ride around the city’), and even offers a bit of life advice (‘This s**t just a lesson for you, bruh, pay attention / When you get out, Kodak, just keep focus and keep spitting’). It’s a novel way of presenting the familiar desire to make it out of a tough situation and to keep one’s head up.”

Kodak Black released his first mixtape when he was 16 years old, and he got his first big break two years later when Drake posted a video of himself dancing to Kodak’s song “Skrt.” Kodak Black later signed with Atlantic Record.

And even after his latest arrest, Kodak Black racked up one of the biggest honors for a new rapper — being named to XXL’s Freshmen Class of 2016.

There is still a chance that the viral story claiming that Kodak Black was sentenced to prison for three years could soon have a morsel of truth. The rapper is set to go through pre-trial motions in mid-August for his upcoming trial, and until then he remains behind bars after his bond was revoked following the most recent arrest.

[Image via Instagram/Kodak Black]