On This Day In History 1975: Jimmy Hoffa Disappears, Where Are Some Of The Locations He Could Be Buried? [Video]

Where is Jimmy Hoffa? The disappearance of the former leader of the Teamsters is one of the greatest mysteries of our time. On July 3o, 1975, some time after 2:45 p.m., Jimmy Hoffa was seen in the parking lot of the Machus Red Fox Restaurant in Detroit, Michigan. Hoffa was there to meet Anthony Giacalone and Anthony Provenzano. Both were considered high-ranking men in the mafia. The meeting never happened due to the men not showing up. Hoffa called his wife and told her he was on his way home. That was the last time anyone heard his voice.

It is believed that Jimmy Hoffa was murdered due to a contract being put out on his life by the mafia. On July 30, 1982, Jimmy Hoffa was officially declared dead.

Many theories have sprung up about where the body of Jimmy Hoffa was dumped. Even though some of the locations seem to be outlandish, investigations were opened and the site thoroughly investigated in order to determine if Hoffa was there or not.

Where Are Some Of The Locations That Hoffa Could Be Buried?

-Under A Driveway In Roseville, Michigan-

  • An informant for the local police provided a tip about something strange going on with a driveway. The informant claims that Tony Giacalone spent the whole night mixing up concrete for his driveway. This happened on the day that Hoffa vanished. In 2012, soil samples proved that no body was buried under the driveway.

-Florida Everglades-

  • A hitman in 1985 claimed that Jimmy Hoffa was rendered unconscious with to a stun gun. The hitman went on to say that Hoffa was stuffed inside of a steel drum and dumped into the Everglades.

-A Horse Farm Near Detroit-

  • The tip that the feds got on the horse farm in 2006 must have been very credible since they paid $250,000 to dig up the area in hopes of finding Hoffa. He was not there.

-Under the Floor Of Frank Sheeran’s House-

  • Frank Sheeran was a member of the Pennsylvania Teamsters union and made claims to his biographer that he is the person who killed Jimmy Hoffa. Sheeran continued talking to his biographer and told him that he got Hoffa to go into a house in Detroit where he shot Hoffa in the back of his head. The police found his story compelling enough to investigate. In 2004, the floorboards in Sheeran’s house were tore up, but no body was found. The police did find blood, but it was not Hoffa’s.

-In One Of The Great Lakes-

  • In 1989, a book titled Hoffa’s Man hit the book shelves. According to the writers of the book, federal agents were responsible for killing Jimmy Hoffa. The book states that two federal agents took Hoffa out on a boat in one of the Great Lakes and pushed him overboard.

-Under Giants Stadium-

  • Under Giants Stadium is arguably the most common answer as to where the body of Jimmy Hoffa is located. There are multiple places in the stadium that are said to be the final resting place of Hoffa. The locations are one of the end zones, at the 50-yard line, under seating section 107, and under a slightly raised bump on the 10-yard line. This rumor was so powerful that the Mythbusters took it on. You can watch the video below as ground penetrating radar was used.