The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Is Causing Disappointment Just Like The iPhone 7

Given that the iPhone 7 doesn’t look to be a huge upgrade, many had their eyes and fingers ready for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. There have been many leaks for the past week and now, even Android Authority is asking if Samsung got lazy with the Note 7.

“With this in mind, and in the light of the extensive information we now have on the Galaxy Note 7 ahead of its official unveil, has Samsung reverted to its old ways? Is Samsung in for a painful reminder that last year’s design, yesterday’s specs and an outgrown approach to features are a recipe for disaster?”

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge The “Edge” version of the Galaxy Note 7 may not look much different than the Galaxy S7 Edge that was released earlier this year. [Photo via Daryl Deino]The article adds that the Note 7 looks problematically familiar. It looks nearly identical to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, which themselves look similar to the Note 5 and Galaxy S6. In addition, Android Authority notes that most of the new features, such as an IP68 rating and edge features, are nothing groundbreaking. They summarize their complaints by saying that the Note 7 specs are almost exactly like those of the Galaxy S7 Edge. However, many of the commenters after the article didn’t agree with the author.

“This article is ridiculous. Basically Samsung is selling a small, medium and large concept. Just because the Note is released later shouldn’t infer a two generation leap-frog into S8 specs. It’s simply moving up from S6 specs to S7 specs,” says The Fink.

“It’s a click-bait article. And, it worked; I clicked on the article expecting better writing (silly me),” claims Cyclonrobot.

However, Android Authority isn’t alone in being disappointed by the new Galaxy Note 7. Even Tech Radar notes that some of the specs, such as 4GB of RAM, aren’t anything new. There is also some considerable disappointment on Twitter.


One thing that many people claim will be different is the S Pen software. Several sites say that writing on the Note 7 will incredibly smooth. That’s good news for some, but it doesn’t make a difference for others. Perhaps this time the stylus won’t get stuck in the stylus hole on the lower right hand corner — this happened to several people who own the Note 5.

If the Note 7 is indeed too similar to what Samsung has put out in the past, then 2016 will be one of the worst years ever for smartphones. The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are said to be minor upgrades as well. One thing that will be different is the lack of headphone jack to make room for another speaker. Yahoo Tech asked if Apple was shooting itself in the foot with their new “boring” iPhone.

“Some people have already made up their mind about the iPhone 7 – or whatever Apple ends up calling its 2016 iPhone series. It’s going to be ‘boring’ because it’ll have the same design as the iPhone 6s. It’s also going to be annoying because it’ll come without the standard 3.5mm audio jack.”

The article adds that things will certainly be different underneath the hood, but will that be enough to attract buyers? As it has been reported almost everywhere, Apple is definitely experiencing a huge slump, and many people are blaming its CEO Tim Cook for a lack of innovation. However, some may be in for a surprise. It’s also important to note that the Apple is getting ready to release the next-generation Apple Watch as well as an upgrade to the MacBook Pro around the same time they release the new iPhone, which most people think will happen after the second week of September. But the big question that remains is if Apple can take the smartphone industry back from Samsung.

[Photo by Sam Santos/Getty Images]