‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Corey Brooks Making Homophobic Remarks In ‘BB18’ House Now?

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Saturday, July 30, may include Corey Brooks making more homophobic comments. The BB18 house hasn’t seen this side of Corey, which had been showcased on his Twitter account before he joined the show this summer. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates stated that Corey was discussing what his friends do with Snapchat when he uttered the words that have a lot of people on social media reacting. He said that what his friends do “is not like fratty gay stuff.” A second later he said, “maybe I shouldn’t have said that.”

Some fans of the CBS reality show might see this as a benign comment, coming from a guy who just likes to joke through his regular use of derogatory language. Not everyone shares a fond opinion of Corey Brooks, though, as seen in a recent popularity poll conducted by fan site Big Brother Network. When asked to vote for their favorite houseguest this summer, only 2.48 percent of respondents picked Corey. In comparison, Tiffany Rousso is at 2.43 percent, and she isn’t even on the show any longer.

Prior to the season getting started, there had been a number of Big Brother 18 spoilers about how Corey Brooks had acted on Twitter before joining the cast. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Corey was fond of using anti-gay slurs and homophobic remarks online. They were directed both at friends and people he didn’t like through his Twitter account. It drew a lot of bad publicity to the show, but the BB18 producers never publicly addressed the controversy.

It wasn’t very long after the BB18 cast was announced that someone logged on to the Twitter account of Corey Brooks and cleaned it up. Another report by the Inquisitr broke that piece of news, and it quickly became apparent that some damage control was being done on his public persona. It wasn’t clear whether show producers let him access Twitter to do it himself, or whether Corey simply has someone updating his account while he is inside the BB18 house. Either way, all the anti-gay slurs and homophobic remarks were deleted.

Despite his behavior outside of the house, Corey quickly found alliances once he was part of the game. He has even been part of a showmance with Nicole Franzel for most of the season, though she knows nothing about the controversy he has brought to the show this year. For CBS viewers who don’t read up on the Big Brother 18 spoilers or keep up with the show outside of the hourly episodes, Corey’s posts on Twitter and his recent homophobic remark may go unknown.

There are just 11 houseguests remaining this season, all trying to win the $500,000 prize. The summer 2016 season isn’t quite half over, with the season finale scheduled to air late in September. This leaves a lot of time for more twists to take place, possibly including a double eviction during one of the next few weeks. That could provide a lot of additional excitement for CBS viewers, especially if the HOH required to make quick nominations for eviction isn’t clear on who they want to target.

It is very likely that Corey Brooks is going to either make it to the BB18 jury or all the way to the end of the current season. This means that it could be a while until he has to actually address the derogatory comments he made on Twitter and has begun to utter in the BB18 house. The Veto ceremony is going to take place on Monday, August 1, giving the possibility that some additional Big Brother 18 spoilers will get revealed well before the next eviction. Corey is still safe, but would he be if the house knew about his Twitter posts?

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]