House Party Shooting: Three High School Students Killed, One Injured

Saturday revealed a terrible tragedy in the suburbs just north of Seattle when shooting broke out at a teenager’s house party.

The house party had a guest list consisting of mostly older teens between the ages of 17 and 19, mostly students of the nearby Kamiak High School. There were roughly 20 teens throughout the house, listening to music and hanging out. The party had been going on for presumably hours before the horror took place. Just after midnight, the suspect entered the house, carrying a rifle, and began shooting.

The suspect shot two of his victims at a fire pit before moving up to the roof and continuing his shooting spree.

In the end, three teenagers’ lives were cut short and one was sent to the hospital, where the teen is currently still fighting to survive in the intensive care unit.


“Officers responded to the 1000 block of Chennault beach report of gunshots upon arrivals they discovered three fatally injured subjects. One subject sustained a gunshot wound and was transported to Harborview hospital,” Officer Myron Travis of the Crime Prevention Division for the city of Mukilteo told CW33.

One of the teenagers in the house, Alexis Gemmer, found someplace to hide and contacted her grandmother to tell her what was going on, while several of the other teen also contacted their loved ones.

“My granddaughter called us about 20 minutes after midnight and said she was hiding – that there’d been a shooting and two of her friends were shot and she was shot at. And she ran away and is hiding across the street from where the shooting was,” Susan Gemmer, Alexis’ grandmother, told CW33.

Officers arrived at the scene of the house party as quickly as possible, but the shooting had ended by then and the suspect had fled.

The first thing officials did was try to help the parents and guardians of the teens involved in the shooting locate and reunite with their children.

The city of Mukilteo tweeted that the police department had created a reunification center at a nearby church where parents and relatives could find their loved ones safely away from the site of the shooting.

Far to the south, Lewis County police officers recognized the make and model of the car Mukilteo officers were looking for. Chehalis and Centralia police officers were able to pull the shooting suspect over and apprehend him without issue. He was then promptly transported back to Mukilteo, where he is being held in custody.

Officials are reluctant to release the name of the suspect, but Q13 FOX has noted that there is only one 19-year-old male being held in the Snohomish County Jail for three counts of murder and one count of aggravated murder, Allen Christopher Ivanov.

At the moment, identification of the three teenagers killed in the house party shooting is still being processed, and that information has not been released to the media. The city of Mukilteo tweeted that it might take a day or two before the medical examiner is ready to release the names of the house party shooting victims.


“Our community has been shaken to its core… There are many unanswered questions about what happened tonight,” Mukilteo Mayor Jennifer Gregerson told the media at a news conference, according to the Huffington Post.

According to CBS 8, she went on to add, “we grieve with the families who have lost those in this horrible event.”

According to what Officer Travis told Q13 FOX, Mukilteo hasn’t seen such a horrible tragedy as this house party shooting since 2002 when there was a murder-suicide case.

[Photo by LukaTDB/Getty Images]