‘The Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers: The Real Reason JoJo Fletcher Doesn’t Choose The Runner-Up On The Season Finale

JoJo Fletcher has one of the toughest decisions of her life to make on the season finale of The Bachelorette on Monday night, but will she go the right way? She has to choose between Jordan Rodgers and Robby Hayes, but the decision has actually already been made since it was taped a couple of months ago. Now, the true reason that she didn’t select the runner-up is known and fans are still going to wonder if she made the right selection.

Please let it be known that there are possible spoilers ahead for the current season of The Bachelorette. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

A very tough decision awaits JoJo this Monday, but why did she make the choice that she did? What does one guy have that the other one doesn’t?

Robby Hayes may have made some fans swoon this season, but he didn’t do enough to sweep the leading lady off of her feet. When all is said and done, it will be Jordan Rodgers that JoJo chooses and takes her one true love and the man of her dreams. The problem here is that she falls in love with both guys and even gets two marriage proposals, but she must only choose one.

What does Jordan have that Robby doesn’t? What makes them so different?

Well, Hollywood Take is reporting that JoJo ends up choosing Jordan because she feels as if Robby really isn’t truly over his ex-girlfriend Hope Higginbotham. There was the speculation that Robby dumped Hope simply to go on The Bachelorette, but when confronted by JoJo, he said that wasn’t the case.

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Apparently, the leading lady on ABC feels that Robby really isn’t over Hope and wants to go back and be with her.

On the other hand, the season finale may end up telling a bit of a different story. Us Weekly doesn’t spoil the end result for anyone, but they do reveal that JoJo may be so torn on Monday night that she doesn’t know who to pick. One show insider for The Bachelorette even said that during the proposal from Robby (the runner-up), she was sobbing and professing her love.

“JoJo was sobbing. She told him, ‘I wanted it to be you!'”

According to that report, the game changer was when both men met JoJo’s parents and one of them didn’t ask her father for permission to take his daughter’s hand in marriage. The confusion here is that ABC has already revealed that Robby does indeed ask her parents for her hand in marriage.

That video has already been released and it shows that he wanted them to know he is truly serious.

If the information from the show insider is true, then Jordan neglects to ask JoJo’s parents for her hand in marriage. Still, that doesn’t seem to sway her decision as she ends up choosing him anyway.

One of the guys really impressed JoJo’s family and they saw him as true “husband material” while the other was seen as “a player.” Even with the issue of not seeking permission to marry her, JoJo realized that she “didn’t know how she was going to make a decision” between the two guys.

It sure seems as if something helps her along as even with his gaffes and reputation, JoJo does choose Jordan over Robby.

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Every single season, fans debate if the lead on The Bachelorette made the right choice with their final selection, and it will be no different for JoJo Fletcher. Making the decision to not pick Robby Hayes is one that came about due to her doubt in him, but is that really true? During the season, she had just as much doubt in Jordan Rodgers and questioned him a number of times, but as of the season finale on Monday, the world will know she chose him as her true love.

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