Nick Hawk Says He Is Leaving ‘Gigolos’: Vin Armani Confirms What Is Really Going On

It really does sound like things will be changing on Gigolos if it comes back for another season. So far, Showtime hasn’t confirmed they are renewing it, but now Nick Hawk is sharing that it doesn’t sound like he will be returning. This news shocked fans who love Nick and have known him from the start of the show. Review Journal shared a post straight from Nick that talks about how it just might be time for him to move on from the show.

Nick Hawk explained all about how he started this job and show, and it has been great to him, but now Nick seems to think it is time to move on. He explained the details of what is going on now.

“I said from Day 1 that if I’m going to be a part of the show, we’re going to have fun, and we’ve really turned it into a comedy more than anything else. The show just had its highest-rated season, but I think it’s time for me to move on. I’m grateful for the opportunities it presented and the doors it opened, but I no longer feel that I can grow being attached to it, and I don’t see the show growing much more.