‘Days Of Our Lives’ Preview: Chad DiMera Gets News About Abigail [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives spoilers for the week of August 1 reveal Chad DiMera will receive some heartbreaking news. Billy Flynn’s character will be told something regarding Abigail, who has been missing for weeks. What is the news and how will he react?

DOOL spoilers regarding Chad and Abigail are below. If you do not want to know any information on “Chabby” or what to expect next week on Days Of Our Lives, then stop reading right now.

Ever since Abigail Devereaux’s (Kate Mansi) disappearance, Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) has been doing everything he can to find her. The NBC soap opera character is using all of his time, money, and resources.

Recently, Andre DiMera (Thaao Penghlis) told Chad a story about seeing Abigail the day she disappeared. She allegedly showed up at the mansion but was determined to leave. Andre claimed he tried to stop her, but fans have a hard time believing his story. What made it even stranger is that Abigail gave Andre a letter that was intended for Chad. As Days Of Our Lives fans recall, it was a farewell note. However, even though it was in her handwriting, both Chad and Ciara Brady (Vivian Jovanni) admitted it did not sound like the girl they knew.

A few weeks ago, Andre read an article about a plane crash. This sparked an idea but viewers were not sure what he had in mind. It is now clear that the DOOL villain wants everyone to believe that Abigail is dead. This was confirmed in a preview clip released by NBC, which can be viewed below.

In the Days Of Our Lives preview clip for the week of August 1, Chad receives a chilling phone call. It is not revealed who is on the other end. However, Chad is shocked to hear that Abigail might be dead. The video also shows Jennifer Horton (Melissa Reeves) walking in. Although she has a concerned look on her face, Abigail’s mother doesn’t appear to be as distraught as she should be. Perhaps she is just in shock and the grief will kick in later.

Abigail’s disappearance and alleged death are not the only issues Chad will face next week on Days Of Our Lives. DOOL spoilers from SoapCentral reveal that Chad and Jennifer’s custody battle will become even more intense. Melissa Reeves’ character will get help from a surprising source. However, it is being teased that she might not be able to trust this person. As the Inquisitr speculated, could this person be Andre DiMera? Would Jennifer really get so desperate that she would go to the most evil man in Salem?

Later in the week, Jennifer will receive another visit from her dead husband, Jack Devereaux (Matthew Ashford). As Days Of Our Lives fans remember, it wasn’t too long ago that the actor made an appearance on the soap opera. At that time, Jennifer was going through prescription pill withdrawal. Jack’s ghost came to Jennifer in a dream, vision, or hallucination and helped her get through it. It was teased that Ashford would return for a few more episodes. DOOL spoilers state that Jack will comfort Jennifer. It must be referring to Abigail’s “death.”

As fans know, Abigail isn’t really dead. Nobody knows if she ran away, or if Andre is holding her hostage. However, the character will return around Christmas. Marci Miller was chosen to be Kate Mansi‘s replacement, according to Soap Opera Digest. It will be interesting to find out what her storyline will be when she returns to Salem.

What do you think will happen when Chad DiMera, Jennifer Horton, and the rest of Salem hears that Abigail Devereaux is dead? Will Billy Flynn’s character believe it or will he know in his heart that she is still alive? Watch Days Of Our Lives on NBC to find out what happens next.

[Photo by Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for Days Of Our Lives]