Lil Wayne’s ‘House’ Is Quiet As Christina Milian Flies To Europe

July was a chaotic month for Lil Wayne, to say the least, and there was plenty of news to fill the headlines. However, two themes seemed to be missing from Lil Wayne’s news roundups, and those are his reality TV series and Christina Milian updates.

However, because of Lil Wayne’s July drama, it can be easy to believe that he did not have time for filming a reality TV series for VH1 or a relationship with Christina Milian.

For example, Lil Wayne had another seizure and had to cancel a Las Vegas show around July 10. Lil Wayne later explained that he was an epileptic, and he thought his recent inability to control his seizures was brought on due to incorrect medications.

Lil Wayne had issues with treating epilepsy in July Lil Wayne had to cancel a show in July due to problems treating his epilepsy. [Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]Following that, around July 14, Daily Star says Lil Wayne had “an encounter” with a bodyguard that may or may not have involved physical contact or an altercation.

Toward the end of July, Lil Wayne “stormed off the stage” during a High Times concert in San Bernadino, California. About the event, Leafly said Lil Wayne performed for about 10 minutes, but when the crowd seemed uninterested, he started yelling at the audience while still using the microphone before exiting the stage.

This differs from a previous event in mid-January in Milan, Italy when Lil Wayne walked off the stage due to technical difficulties with his microphone, according to TMZ.

Regardless, it is not all bad news and chaos for Lil Wayne in the month of July. He made headlines when he officially endorsed Hillary Clinton as his pick for president.

According to Time, this came after Lil Wayne fans noticed Hillary Clinton seemed to use one of his lyrics in her DNC speech. They also pointed out that Hillary Clinton was mentioned in Lil Wayne’s 2007 song “Lollipop.”

For Lil Wayne fans that were excited about his new reality TV series, the bad news is there are no leaks and no new signs of Lil Wayne’s House online since it was unofficially announced in late May, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

The lack of online leaks is strange because initial rumors said Lil Wayne would be filming the show in Los Angeles in July.

It was also around the end of May that Lil Wayne “hinted” he might still want to be hanging out romantically with Christina Milian, according to Hip Hop DX. The main reference for the idea that Lil Wayne and Christina Milian might get back together was based on the lyrics in his song “Hype” with Drake.

Many Lil Wayne and Christina Milian fans were excited to hear he might want to get back with her, but for most of July, Christina Milian has been overseas.

According to her new Facebook videos, Christina Milian updated fans to tell them she was headed to Europe. Throughout most of July, the videos show that Christina had no real updates about Lil Wayne, but instead had lots of footage of live performances.

Christina Milian also represented her character, Magenta, at Comic-Con for her role in the new Rocky Horror Picture Show airing on Fox on October 31.

Lil Wayne, Christina Milian might be broken up officially Lil Wayne, Christina Milian have not given any new updates about the possibility of getting back together. [Photo by KGC-11/STAR MAX/IPx]Despite this, Lil Wayne does have “luv” in his heart even if he is not talking about Christina Milian. According to RT, around July 29, Lil Wayne dropped a remix from a song he recorded in 2006 called “That’s Not Luv” from producer Streetrunner.

For fans curious about the next Lil Wayne show, he closed out July with news of a new festival called Magnificent Coloring Day that will take place in Chicago on September 24, according to Forbes.

Lil Wayne will also perform August 20 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and host Lil Weezyana Fest 2 on August 27 in his home city of New Orleans.

[Photo by Rich Fury/Invision/AP Images]