‘True Blood’ Creator Coming Back To HBO With Supernatural Series

True Blood on HBO was the brainchild of Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball. Now that Ball has been out of the game for quite awhile, he is about to mount a grand comeback on HBO and give the premium cable network another fantastic series, this time in the form of a supernatural family drama that fans are destined to love.

What fans of True Blood should know is that even though the HBO TV series was loosely based on the Charlaine Harris series of novels, it strayed from the path she created and took on a life of its own, which gave Alan Ball some added critical appraise for the series.

One thing that Alan Ball has done very well over the years is given his audiences for all of his TV shows and films something to really cheer about. He has invented characters and created scenes that have left a lasting impression on audiences all around the world, even at the Oscars.

Alan Ball is perhaps most well known in the film community as the screenwriter for American Beauty. But after his work in film, he turned his sights on television and there was only one network that could show his unique vision to an audience, which was HBO. Nowadays, there are many avenues for that kind of storytelling, which includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Showtime, Starz, Cinemax, and even VOD. But HBO seems to be the home that Alan Ball feels the most comfortable with showing his work, and now, he has signed a two-year overall deal to bring another supernatural drama back to their network.

They yet-untitled project coming to HBO will be a family drama that has a hint of supernatural attached to it, according to Deadline. Fans of True Blood will not likely be surprised to see that Alan Ball’s new show will feature a progressive middle class family that not only embraces liberal ideology, but does not rule out the supernatural when their child starts to claim that he/she is seeing something that no one else can see.

Alan Ball’s new HBO series seems to have some reminiscent echoes of Netflix’s Stranger Things in it combined a paranormal thriller that is caught up in the middle of a happy family drama. There are no real strings attached to it, other than the fact that the family is made up of a philosophy professor, a lawyer, three foreign-adopted children and one biological child.

Seeing what Alan’s Ball’s new HBO TV series is about might remind some people that it may be inspired by the real life accounts of Angelina Jolie and her superstar husband, Brad Pitt. But if so, then it is only loosely inspired by the couple and their family.

The supernatural element to Alan Ball’s new HBO TV show really only hints at what it is about, but gives just enough information that fans of True Blood and Six Feet Under may just want to check it out.

The synopsis for the HBO show does indicate that the family, although they are seemingly happy and progressive, do in fact harbor deep secrets and the rifts that are present between the characters present a clearly dangerous overtone to the HBO series from Alan Ball.

This marks a somewhat desperate attempt by HBO to restore its dramatic programming to its former glory, following the lackluster results that came away from Vinyl and Season 2 of True Detective.

HBO is currently on its last legs with Game of Thrones, which will be departing the network after Season 8. It’s only real saving grace after that will be Girls, but that half-hour comedy show has also announced that it would be ending soon as well.

[Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]