Louis Tomlinson/Eleanor Calder News? One Direction Star Tweets That He Had A ‘Big Day,’ Possibly Related To Ex-Girlfriend And Baby Drama?

Louis Tomlinson tweeted a very simple but apparently very powerful message two days ago. The One Direction member sent out a two-word message via Twitter telling fans today was a “big day” for him, but didn’t specify why. Could it have something to do with his ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder? Calder has been on the media’s radar ever since a scandal emerged claiming the 1D singer had supposedly cheated on her with baby mama Briana Jungwirth. Whether there’s any truth to this is up for debate, but it hasn’t stopped One Direction fans from going absolutely bonkers over what the big news might be.

Social Media Wars

The Daily Mail speculated that Louis and Brianna (Lianna?) were on the rocks after Brianna supposedly banned the 1D alum from entering her house. There has also been animosity between Bri and Danielle Campbell, who is currently dating the 24-year-old artist. Could the big news be that another baby with Campbell or another girl is on the way?

Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder Big News
Louis Tomlinson and ex-girlfriend Eleanor Calder at the Unique Show during London Fashion Week, Feb. 2013. [Image Via

The ‘Big’ Reveal

There’s no word yet on what Louis is planning for the so-called “big” day, but fans took to Twitter to guess what might be happening and react to the news. That one simple tweet generated scores of replies, and some speculated that marriage might be somewhere down the road. Others just decided to straightforwardly ask, “Why?” Many seem to think the big news has to do with either Tomlinson’s musical career or his personal life.

Louis Tomlinson Eleanor Calder News
Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne on the red carpet at the American Music Awards in the Microsoft Theater. [Image Via

More Speculation?

An Instagram post from a few weeks ago showed the singer in the recording studio, though probably not in the way fans would expect. The hashtags next to the picture hint that the U.K. pop artist voiced a character on Family Guy with his fellow One Direction bandmates. Note the awesome glasses. Could the big news be that the guys will be doing voice-overs on an episode of the animated show

#familyguy #louistomlinson #liampayne #harrystyles #niallhoran

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Other Romantic News?

Some guessed, probably jokingly, that Louis’ big news might be of a different persuasion. As Unreality found, some One Direction followers speculated that Louis was in a secret gay relationship with bandmate Harry Styles. The two are very close buds, and a “bromance” might be possible, but probably not that kind. This guess is a far cry away from the drama that we’ve seen Louis be dragged through by the press featuring Eleanor Calder, Danielle Campbell, and Briana Jungwirth. One user even trolled Tomlinson by tweeting, “Getting Larried? Oh wait you already are.”

Solo Career In The Works?

After Zayn Malik left the One Direction gang in April 2015, folks speculated whether One Direction might be going the direction they feared: down the drain. There were smatterings of rumors that either Louis or Niall might start their own respective solo careers, but nothing ever came of them. J-14 Magazine found a tweet from the man of many faces in Feb. 2016 that reported Tomlinson had started writing again.


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While this doesn’t necessarily mean Tomlinson has a solo career in the works, it could suggest so due to the fact that his fellow band members weren’t mentioned in the tweet. The singer left his mates out again in a more recent tweet dated July 10, where he thanked fans for “supporting me” rather than “the band.” Not solid proof, but one must wonder. With One Direction being on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time, would now be the “Perfect” time for Tomlinson’s solo career to take flight? Only time will tell.

Guest Appearance

Tomlinson also recently appeared on The X-Factor as a guest judge. Ironically enough, the talent-search show paved the way for One Direction’s success when the then-fivesome appeared on it back in 2010. Perhaps this was the “big news” Tomlinson alluded to in his tweet today? Let us know what you think Louis’ revelation is about in the comments section below.

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