Lulla Doll: Why Someone Paid $665 On Ebay For Doll That Helps Babies Sleep [Video]

Paula Mooney

Parents are raving about the so-dubbed Lulla doll -- and one look at the video that describes the doll's features lets shoppers know why the Lulla dolls are in such big demand. The Lulla doll contains a recording of deep, rhythmic breathing and the sounds of a heartbeat -- along with being plush and able to take on the smell of a child's loved ones. All these factors help babies and toddlers sleep better.

According to Iceland Magazine, the doll helps babies relax by calming them down with the top factors that help little ones get to sleep. Those factors include the sounds of heartbeats and deep breathing, which makes the Icelandic Lulla doll unique in its approach to child's play -- or a kid's dream life, as it were.

Instead of being a cute little object that makes crazy noises with flashing lights that could distract the child or make them more hyperactive, the Lulla doll soothes them to sleep with the doll's soft natural cotton fabric and soothing sounds.

The response to the Lulla dolls from parents has been overwhelming. With the first batch of 5,000 Lulla dolls quickly selling out after they went on sale in December -- followed by the next 30,000 Lulla dolls selling out within two short weeks in July -- it's no wonder parents are paying premium prices for the Lulla dolls.

A recent Lulla doll sold for $665 on eBay on July 27, proving that parents are willing to shell out the big bucks for Lulla dolls just so their babies -- and therefore, the parents -- can get a restful night's sleep. It's quite a markup from the original $71 price for the Lulla doll that was originally displayed on the Lulla doll's Indiegogo page.

That page has opened up the Lulla dolls for pre-order once more, with instructions on how to buy a Lulla doll -- but the website explains that those new Lulla dolls will not be ready until October.

"We are now accepting pre-orders for an October production of the beloved Lulla dolls."

Other sold listings of new Lulla dolls show one that sold for $275, while others sold for less on eBay.

According to Good Housekeeping, Eyrún Eggertsdóttir is a mom to two children who put her psychology know-how to good use by creating the Lulla dolls.

With the enchanting photos and videos touting positive feedback for the Lulla doll, which arrives in a lovely cotton bag, it makes sense that parents are falling head over heels in love with the images of peacefully sleeping infants. Once the Lulla doll's chest is pressed, the soothing sounds are emitted from the doll. There's a battery pack that can be removed to allow for the Lulla doll to be cleaned.

The Lulla dolls were designed by Eggertsdóttir, who describes the impetus for creating the Lulla doll by using her psychology background.

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