Mom Admits To Poisoning Her Son, Burning His Body Inside Her Car During Custody Dispute With Boy’s Father

Narges Shafeirad, 35, pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree murder for the death of her son, Daniel Dana, on Thursday after a year-long investigation into her son’s death. The Maryland mother admitted to giving her 5-year-old son a fatal dose of antihistamine in June of 2015, before placing his body in her vehicle and setting it on fire. Narges killed her son with the fatal dose of the drugs before staging a car wreck. The mother was reportedly in a bitter custody battle with the boy’s father at the time of the murder and was scheduled to attend a custody hearing on the day she killed her child.

The Daily Mail reports that Maryland mother Narges Shafeirad killed her 5-year-old son after her marriage to the boy’s father began to fall apart. The day that she took her son’s life, Narges was scheduled to attend a custody hearing with her estranged husband, Hamid Azimi-Dana. Instead of going to the hearing, Narges admitted to forcing her son to take a fatal dose of antihistamine by forcing the pills down his throat. After giving the child the medication, the mother then put her deceased son in the backseat of her car and poured gasoline in the front seat. She then lit the car on fire, burning her son’s body in the back.

The car was set on fire on the side of a Montgomery County Highway and police say that Narges initially tried to stage a car wreck. When police arrived to the scene of the burning vehicle, Narges was found laying outside of the vehicle screaming in pain as she suffered severe burns on her forearms. Little Daniel would be found dead in the backseat and was pronounced dead at the scene. However, when an autopsy was performed on Daniel the coroner discovered that the child did not die from burns, but rather an antihistamine overdose.

Following the autopsy results and questioning by police, Narges Shafeirad would admit to killing her son and she would be arrested on charges of first-degree murder. Though the murder took place in June of 2015, Narges just pleaded guilty to the charges on Thursday following a full investigation by the prosecution. The mother admits to killing her son and the prosecutors point to the custody battle and disintegration of her marriage as a likely motive.

Prior to the murder, Narges and estranged husband Hamid had seperated and filed protective orders against one another. Though the pair shared custody of their son, Daniel, neither were allowed to talk to each other except for via text message. Narges had filed the protective order against Hamid noting that he was “physically abusive,” but Hamid said that it was Narges that was abusive and that he and his son feared for their lives due to her erratic behavior.

“The husband and father described his spouse as physically and mentally abusive, and claimed that her behavior caused both him and little Daniel to fear for their safety.”

Though the pair had been separated since July of 2013, it wasn’t until March of 2015 that the wife would formally file for divorce. The divorce proceedings led to a bitter custody battle, one that would end when Narges killed the pair’s son and admitted to the murder.

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