Beyoncé On Her Own TV Network, Paris, And Jay Z More Than An Instagram Husband

Plutarc Sicat

Beyoncé has a new business, as if her net worth is not enough. Bey is already worth $265 million, while Jay Z's pecuniary worth is $610 million, according to Yahoo. And that, folks, is a whopping $875 mil already. So maybe the "Sorry" singer wants to round the figure off to a cool $1 billion.

Beyoncé is getting her own TV network, too, reports Al Arabiya Entertainment. But before you start thinking that she'll be having her own talk show soon, like Ellen DeGeneres or Oprah Winfrey, you're wrong. Doing that is likely to tie her down to a chair or a couch, and that won't work for her — knowing the star's mercurial lifestyle.

Also, for a singer, talking too much will preoccupy her vocal cords which are undoubtedly better left for singing. So really, outdoing Oprah or Ellen won't fit the Beyoncé style. So you know what?

Such a great idea, Beyoncé. Basically, you're hitting not two but three birds with one stone. First, you'll be making money from the business. Second, you're leaving your legacy of education to the community. And third, you can have the freedom to bring the ideas of your closest creative friends to life.

However, the star is thinking about doing this ten years down the road. So the network thing isn't going to just pop out before our eyes anytime soon. Right now, the source is happy to report that Beyoncé's entertainment company, Parkwood, is doing extremely well. Quite the business woman, this Bey.

By the way, the Democratic National Convention (DNC) sorely missed Beyoncé. According to Huffington Post, newly minted Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton wanted so much to have the R&B diva to be a part of the show with Katy Perry. Unfortunately, Beyoncé is currently doing the Europe leg of her Formation concert tour. So it looks like there was no way for the star to fit the DNC big night into her work schedule.

You just have to trust Beyoncé — if there was a way, she would have done it already. People recently unleashed a torrent of beautiful pictures from Bey and her family's trip to Paris. Just one of the highlights is a PDA moment with Jay Z in a hotel room overlooking the Eiffel Tower which stood out like a giant Chinese lantern in the background. The source would also inadvertently discover who has been taking all those wonderful selfies when Beyoncé's hands are busy.

In the olden days, when selfies and social media were yet to be invented, Beyoncé would have to show us voluminous albums to show off her family's pictures taken during concert break periods in Europe. Well, not anymore and we're all lucky for the digital age.

[Photo Clive Brunskill/Getty Images]