‘Scream’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 10: The Orphanage [Video]

Scream has been on a roll lately with seriously messed up situations. But nothing can compare to what it is coming in the home stretch as the MTV show lays out its new plans to shock an audience with its extreme scream power. That’s because in Episode 10, titled “The Vanishing,” the stakes just got put a little higher.

For one thing, the next episode of Scream is about to show fans that there is no real going back after Emma and Audrey’s little spat, and things between them are about to go from bad to worse, according to TV Guide. That has to make you wonder, as a Scream fan, does Emma and Audrey really have a lasting bond to start with? They both had a falling out that predates the show and neither one of them are the presumed Scream killer at this point. So do they really have much to start with?

The only thing that we really do know about it is that if Audrey had never made her correspondences with Piper to start with, then the events of Scream may have never even taken place. So in a way, Audrey is the original Scream killer. But she didn’t pull any triggers or stick anyone with any knives.

Before we get too deep in this article about what’s coming on Scream, let’s just take a step back for a moment and see how we got to this episode of Scream. This is the part of the article where we have to warn you about what’s to come. There are SPOILERS that lie ahead for the last episode of Scream. So if you haven’t seen the previous episodes of Scream, you will be spoiled if you continue.

As most Scream fans have already seen, the last episode clearly showed that Emma is going off the deep end with her nightmares. Not only is she dreaming that she is the Scream killer, but she has also now taken her dreams on the road with her and started sleepwalking. But her mother was quick to find her and get the knife out of her hand before she could do any real damage.

Therein lies the pink elephant in the room between Emma and Audrey. In the previous episode of Scream, Emma finally finds out Audrey’s dirty little secret and the two have a falling out. Emma, that sweet little girl, even went as far as to shove Audrey into a locker. So there is little chance that those two are going to do any making up anytime soon.

But, of course, Scream wouldn’t be a hip teen TV show if it didn’t have a rave of some sort. There were a few scenes that were a little confusing to the average Scream fan, but in the end, the right person got the pink slip.

After Emma and Kieran find out that their counselor, who has been confirmed not to be the Scream killer, went to school with Piper at an orphanage that also seemed to double as insane asylum for kids, they go there only to find that there is a party going down and the Brandon James mask is the theme.

They are approached by a woman who is handing out the Scream masks and she has a bit of chip on her shoulder. But hey, it was okay because she was dating the king of the festivities. Only that king gave her a little dose of her own medicine in the form of a broken heart — with a knife.

So, in the next episode of Scream, now that Piper’s dead body has made its way back to the show, there is going to be an even bigger rift between Emma and Audrey, courtesy of the Scream killer himself. Noah is also going to get used in a way that he is a bit unaccustomed to.

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