Casey Blaney, Fred Barley’s Donation Creator, Finally Responds — But Is It Sincere?

Fred Barley’s donation skyrocketed after thousands gave funds for his cause. However, the funds were frozen. Here’s why.

Over the last week or two, several allegations have been thrown at both Casey Blaney and Fred Barley. Each have been accused of unfavorable behavior, whether in regards to Barley’s story or Blaney’s fundraiser intentions.

While Casey Blaney was rumored to be “in hiding,” she has responded via the Facebook page she created for Fred Barley.


“I would like to address one important fact about the current narrative being pushed — that I will not turn over the GoFundMe donations so they can be set up in a trust by Mr. Fred Barley’s trust attorney and/or personal attorney,” notes Blaney.

As she began to describe the last few days, she mentions that Thursday, July 28, was the first time she or her legal team had heard anything from Fred Barley’s trust team.

“It is virtually impossible to turn funds over to trust personnel and/or attorneys that, to the best of our knowledge, have never existed until day before yesterday,” Casey Blaney expresses. “Repeated attempts were made to Mr. Barley to have his trust team and attorney contact us, if in fact, they existed. We received contact from a personal attorney for the first time, day before yesterday (Thursday), that works in a firm with trust attorneys.”

Casey Blaney also said that a neutral third-party between herself and Fred Barley contacted a few professional athletes who could possibly mentor Fred in financial guidance.

Now, at the face of it — from this perspective — it’s understandable that mentorship was sought.

There are countless athletes and celebrities who can relate to “starting from the bottom” and seemingly becoming wealthy “overnight.”

Likewise, there are several accounts of lottery winners who, due to poor financial management skills, wish they had never won.


Yet, it was thought that the GoFundMe organization froze the account. However, according to Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Casey stopped the fundraiser after its $184,000 accumulation.

Many questioned why she made this decision. Also, many speculate that it’s due to control issues.


However, according to the source, Casey felt that taking further donations would simply be publicly immoral, considering it was an educational fundraiser. Yet, many say that she stopped the campaign relative to when Fred stated he wanted his own attorney and trustee.

According to Casey Blaney, Fred Barley agreed to the mentorship idea.

“As the days went on, this third party began to question Mr. Fred Barley’s actions and behaviors,” mentions Blaney. “Subsequently, this third-party decided to suggest to the former athletes that they step away from the situation. Thus, this has fallen back in my lap, as I am the organizer of the GoFundMe campaign.”

Were his “actions and behaviors” like those of kid who had nothing, then suddenly had nearly $200,000 as a resource? Was he behaving like he wanted a better life, outside the years it would take for him to become a doctor?

Nevertheless, once this happened — from her testimony — Casey notes that she reverted to the educational trust plan which she had at first.

“Mr. Fred Barley posted [publicly] that he would not ‘sign off’ on any trust that is set up outside of using his own trust officials and lawyers; this obviously tied my hands and the hands of any willing trust attorney,” says Blaney.

Yet, since Blaney released these statements regarding Fred Barley, several people still don’t find the logic in her decision to stay tied to the account.

Casey further explains though — since the athletes had backed off and she and her attorney hadn’t been contacted by Fred Barley and his legal team — she was held accountable for the GoFundMe account once again.

However, many believe that, since Blaney couldn’t control the money, she’s now trying to tarnish Barley’s name with her current statements.


She mentions that there are strict rules she has to abide by, since she selected Fred Barley’s GoFundMe fundraiser as an “educational” endgame.

“There are legal parameters inherent to that and I am required to follow those; they are a shaping force that dictates how we are to proceed,” notes Blaney. “I have never, and have no intentions of ever being listed on, or in control of the educational trust.”

Casey Blaney mentions that the next step in the release process is for Fred Barley’s legal team to initialize a trust proposal. She says that is what’s expected to happen over the next few days.

“Once a trust has been created, GoFundMe will have the final decision as to whether to release those funds to the trust,” notes Casey. “No funds will ever be released to me.”

Fred Barley responded earlier in the week as well and mentioned as follows.

“Whatever transpires between Casey and I, I want her to still know that I love her and forgive her. And Cole regardless of how your mom feels, you’re still my new adopted lil bro. I love you and hopefully one day we can trade Pokemon. And too everybody that truly supports me for being me, I thank you guys the most. I always had God in my corner, but it feels good to know that I have part of a nation there too.”

Since the non-release of Fred Barley’s funds, a petition has been created at to expedite its disbursement. It has approximately 15,900 supporters so far. Also, another fundraiser called “True Success for Fred” has popped up from Urban Fundr.

It’s described as a fundraiser which has Fred Barley’s “true” welfare in mind.

Many people have donated items to Fred’s cause as well, aside from money.

All in all, what are your thoughts regarding Casey Blaney’s testimony? What do you think is going on? Feel free to share your comments below.

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