‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Spoilers: The Safe Character List [Video]

The Walking Dead has a major cliffhanger out there for when Season 7 of the AMC show returns. Spoilers for The Walking Dead are usually a prevalent business on social media, but it is not likely for a fan to break any of those wide open for Season 7. There are, however, some spoilers that have been revealed that most people have not paid attention to.

One thing that The Walking Dead is not going to tell you is who Negan’s victim was. But they have already given you a potential safe list following the release of the Season 7 trailer at Comic Con this year. You just really had to be paying attention to catch them though.

What we have found out about the Season 7 trailer for The Walking Dead, as also reported by Comic Book, is that there is a cache of characters that have been revealed, or at least partially revealed as safe on the AMC show. Their appearances on The Walking Dead trailer indicated that they were in the safe zone, considering some of the teaser scenes were away from that midnight rendezvous on the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 6.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at which characters are safe and which are still on the docket for execution on Season 7 of The Walking Dead. This is that part of the article where we need to warn you that potentially MAJOR SPOILERS lie ahead for Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

First of all, Morgan, Carol, and Tara. No surprise there, as they were not at the rendezvous and they are skilled survivors in the zombie world. So yeah, they’re alive. Enough said about that.

Let’s make our way to the real meat of The Walking Dead survivors list. Let’s start this off with saying that even though The Walking Dead did a masterful job of going to Comic-Con and releasing a trailer that would not ruin the spoiler for fans, there were a few shots, or scenes, in the trailer where a Walking Dead Easter egg or two may have been planted.

“Everything’s his… or will be,” Dwight says while pointing a gun at someone who appears to be Aaron (Ross Marquand).

Although we cannot say for sure, there is a good chance that Aaron makes it out of the midnight massacre on The Walking Dead. There are many variables to that and The Walking Dead does not ever allow their shows to be spoiled, especially not in a trailer. So whether or not Aaron is safely out of the murder scene, that does not mean he is safe from Negan and the Saviors.

Then there is that shot with Negan swinging the bat down on someone who rode the lightning up to a better place than Earth. There is a clear shot of a woman with long hair and dark clothes to the side of the victim, so that puts Michonne and Rosita both on the potential safe list on Season 7 of The Walking Dead. But our bets say that woman was Rosita.

“You should know, there is no door number four. This is the only way,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan said as he delivered one of Negan’s most unnerving lines in Alexandria.

Now call us crazy, but that woman behind Negan during that line in The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer looks incredibly familiar. Although she is obviously obscured, mostly, from the camera lens, it appears that Maggie has made it safely back to Alexandria with Negan in tow.

Furthermore, Maggie, if it really is her, seems to be emotionally beaten and whoever that character is, they have submitted to Negan and his “half your stuff” tax that he has imposed on the living world. If that theory also holds out to be true, then that could mean that Glenn is alive. Otherwise, Maggie would have been ripping and gouging Negan’s eyes out.

[Image via AMC]