Antonio And Dawn Armstrong: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Questions About Jr., 16, And ‘I’ve Been Watching You’ Note

The reaction to the shooting deaths of Antonio Armstrong and Dawn Armstrong at the hands of their 16-year-old son have sent the names of the Armstrong family surging up the trending lists of topics people are talking about a lot on Facebook. As reported by NBC, Antonio and Dawn were both shot at approximately 2 a.m. in their bedroom on Friday morning. Dawn died at the home while Antonio fought for his life but died later at the hospital.


As a result of the shocking deaths, the all-American Armstrong family is being closely examined, with any kind of motivations for the shooting being investigated by police — and searched for by public sleuths examining the Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages of the shooter.

Dawn and Antonio’s son is being charged with murder as a juvenile and not an adult, reports NBC affiliate KPRC. The Armstrong son allegedly responsible for shooting his parents is also undergoing questioning after he reportedly called the police to tell authorities that he shot Dawn and Antonio himself.

Antonio, a pastor, can be seen in the below video.

The messages reverberating on social media about Antonio and Dawn have people positing all sorts of theories about why the 16-year-old Armstrong son would take his own parents’ lives. Antonio was well known in the fitness community in Texas — after Antonio’s stint with the Miami Dolphins as a linebacker in the 1990s.

According to Click 2 Houston, the deadly shooting occurred in the 5300 block of Palmetto Street, in Bellaire, Texas.

According to real estate site Zillow, some of the least expensive homes in Bellaire go for $250,000 and up, while the most expensive homes are listed at $1.59 million in the area.

This is leading some folks on Facebook to theorize that “Jr.” was upset about not getting the latest pair of Nikes — although that theory has not been validated nor released by police. Others write that mental illness may have somehow played a role in the deaths of Antonio and Dawn, although there have been no reports of previous troubles in the Armstrong household — at least none that sent authorities to their home prior to the deaths.

bedroom [Image via Shutterstock]According to Click 2 Houston, Dawn and Antonio did not have any history of domestic violence. Authorities have not released the motive for the shootings yet — but reports have surfaced that a note with the words “I’ve been watching you” was found near the gun used in the shooting. The questions are: Who wrote the note? What exactly did the person see? Who were they watching? Why was murder a result?

These same questions are being posed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the wake of such shocking deaths.

“Is there a missing chapter to this story?”

Whether a member of the Armstrong family wrote the note or not has not been released either. While two of the Armstrong’s other children were also in the home when the shootings happened, those children were not shot.

note [Image via Shutterstock]As reported by Heavy, the social media accounts of the Armstrong family members reveal a bit more about their lives. On Twitter, the 16-year-old son posted photos of himself and his girlfriend, waxing on about how attractive he found the girl.

On Instagram, the Armstrong daughter has “R.I.P Mom&Dad” in her profile, with her Snapchat username including her Armstrong name.

Most everyone writing about the Armstrong tragedy mentions how shocking the deaths were. A sampling of the reactions from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can be read below, including the 16-year-old son’s final tweet from July 28, which spoke about money.

“Let’s get this money. 100.”

Many others realize that there’s likely a lot more to the story that will be revealed.

“I’m not going to make excuses for this child….but something is off here. People are saying the child was probably just spoiled, got mad bc he didn’t get something he wanted and decided to kill his parents…. Maybe I’m being naive, but who decides (at 2 am in the morning), they are gonna shoot their parents because they are mad about something trivial? Then write a note that says: ‘I’ve been watching you?’ THEN calls the police right after to tell them he shot his parents?…..Why didn’t he harm anyone else in that house? Are we sure this boy didn’t suffer from some type of mental illness??? I mean this is all just really strange…”

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