Honda Redesigns Three Of Its Core Models As 2018 Honda Accord Raises The Bar

As Honda raises the bar on its future model of the Accord, set for release in 2018, the company also plans to redesign three of its core models. The future releases will include models that are greener and more turbocharged.

Automotive News reported that Honda is preparing for 2017, and the next twelve months for the company will mean the launch of its next generation Accord, Odyssey, and CR-V models. There will also be an expanded green footprint, as well as more turbos.

The Fit will be refreshed in time for 2018 although there won’t be any major changes. This is Honda’s most affordable model. The Honda Civic sedan and coupe both had a great year in 2016, and it will lead to the release of the long-awaited Civic Type R and the Civic Si.

The Civic Type R will come with a 300 horsepower (HP) 2.0 liter (L) turbocharged 4-cylinder engine. The Si will come with a smaller engine with a 1.5L, previously available in the Civic. This time around it includes a turbocharger. While the hatchback goes on sale at the end of the year, the Civic and Si will be available in 2017.

Autoomobile reported that the 2018 Honda Accord should raise the bar for cars in its class. One of the biggest issues at stake was the design of the Accord. With the Honda Civic stealing away some of the best design features of the Accord, it was time for Honda to make some changes. With the changes to the Civic, it stole away some of the customers to the Accord.

The Honda Civic currently comes with a 174 HP 1.5L turbocharged engine that is lighter, offers better fuel economy, and is still powerful, and it delivers 42 MPG on the highway, something the Accord can’t do. This may be the reason customers are choosing the Civic over the Accord.

As previously reported in Inquisitr, Honda is also releasing its latest version of the Honda Accord. The latest model Accord stacks up well against the new Acura and gives buyers an affordable alternative for those who are looking for a mid-size sedan that also gets great gas mileage.

The NSEA Voice reported that the 2018 Honda Accord needed to raise the bar. With the release of the all-new Civic, the Accord isn’t as attractive to customers as it once was. The Civic is cheaper than the Accord, but what makes the Civic such a bargain is that it’s almost as large as the Accord, which is a midsize sedan.

One suggestion made to make the Honda Accord a better value and raise the bar was to adopt the super handling-all wheel drive (SH-AWD). This would give the Honda Accord a better and unique driving experience.

The Daily Sun Knoxville reported that the 2017 Honda CR-V will be receiving help from the Honda Civic. The biggest story out of Honda these days is that the company has completely revitalized the Civic. Both the Civic and the CR-V share the same platform.

Now the Civic will be giving the CR-V SUV some help in 2018 by giving it a more sporty appearance as well as the 1.5L turbo-four mill engine. Since Honda moved production of the CR-V from Mexico to Indiana, the company will invest $52 million to retool the plant for production of the CR-V and stop production of the Civic. The plant currently produces 250,000 of the Civic each year.

[Photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images]