Jon Hamm’s Depressing Past With ‘Skinemax’ [Video]

Hey, we all have to start somewhere.

Actor Jon Hamm talked more about his start in the business with Anderson Cooper, admitting his involvement in those late night, low-budget Cinemax softcore porn movies. Big deal, right? A lot of actors have a racy film or two at the bottom of their IMDb page. The reason Hamm likes to bring up his past career working on “Skinemax movies” is because it makes for a funny story, only made slightly more embarrassing by the fact that Hamm wasn’t a performer for Skinemax. He was a set dresser.

“In other words, in some of those steamy movies where two consenting adults passionately dry hump in front of a fireplace filled with tea lights, Jon Hamm lit those tea lights and laid out that bear rug,” notes MSN Now.

Anderson Cooper jumps to Hamm’s defense, saying that Skinemax movies aren’t exactly porn: “Like, soft-focus, soft-filter, tasteful?” To which Jon Hamm dryly responded, “There was nothing tasteful about it. It was depressing.”

If the story sounds familiar, it’s because Hamm has confessed it before. Back in 2009, he talked about his set dresser job for Skinemax with David Letterman.

“There’s a certain amount of nakedtivity on these,” Letterman said. “Are you allowed to be there when that happens?”

“People tend to make up excuses for how important they are on the set,” Hamm deadpanned. “It’s a closed set so only vital personnel are there. Then you see the guy that runs the craft service thing kind of eating a hot dog and staring at it. And it’s like, why does Jimmy need to be here?”

Hamm confessing his Skinemax stint on Anderson:

Hamm confessing his seedy past on Letterman in 2009: