WWE News: Update To WWE Lawsuit, Head Injuries Now 'Top Insurance Claim'

Within the last month, the WWE has endured true highs and lows of the industry. To begin with the grand moments, it mostly took place at WWE Battleground, WWE Raw and Smackdown Live this past week. For the first time in a long time, WWE officials are deciding to give the fans what they want. The end result is unknown, but it feels like it's working so far. Finn Balor finally made his debut on the main roster. In his first night, he became the No. 1 contender to the WWE Universal championship.

Fan-favorite Sasha Banks received a surprise Women's title match against Charlotte in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Thanks to some help from Eddie Guerrero's influence on Banks, she was able to capture her first WWE Women's title in decisive fashion. Lastly, Dean Ambrose's time on top didn't end. He retained his WWE World Heavyweight championship at Battleground and is now going to face Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam.

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[Image via WWE]Ziggler won a battle royal on Smackdown Live to become the No. 1 contender. There's a different feel in the WWE at the moment and most people are enjoying it. Like Seth Rollins said on Twitter a few days ago, it's a great time to be a pro wrestling fan. Times are different, just like the era suggests. It's the "New Era" in the WWE. The level of danger is minimal, hardcore matches aren't the norm and blood is usually accidental.

However, injuries still happen. Old practices in the WWE created danger, which is why 50-plus wrestlers sued the WWE due to brain injuries. Jimmy Snuka, Road Warrior Animal, Chavo Guerrero, and others were a part of it. Just like the NFL, as well as other pro sports, brain injuries are becoming more prominent by the day. According to WrestleZone.com and CNBC, head injuries are becoming a top insurance claim following the WWE lawsuit.

"The origin of the lawsuit claim, however, appears to be the landmark settlement reached by the NFL and thousands of former players, and it paved the way for the newly emerging claims, reports S&P.

"The report compares the brain related injury claims to that of asbestos claims in the U.S. and the U.K. throughout the years, and notes insurance companies still pay out around £200 million ($263 million) a year in the U.K. to people who were exposed to asbestos."

In the lawsuit, those wrestlers allege that numerous head injuries occurred when doing correctly-done moves, which led to CTE. Here's the main problem with the entire lawsuit: it's completely erroneous. Most of the wrestlers on the list didn't have to do those moves. Very rarely do WWE officials force spots on the wrestlers. The superstars oftentimes book the matches themselves. For example, Sami Zayn's extreme flips aren't coming from producers.

He insists on doing those moves to entertain the crowd and he has the athleticism to do them. Chair shots to the head were all on the wrestlers. Culture during that time dictated the move-sets of a lot of wrestlers, but the danger was mostly self-inflicting. In a recent report by the Inquisitr, concussions were described at length and how they should be understood.

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[Image via WWE]Those wrestlers won't win the lawsuit. It's simply a feeble attempt at trying to win some money from the WWE. Especially now, the WWE is more strict than ever before with head injuries.

Sasha Banks, the Women's champion, wasn't allowed to return to action for a while after getting one. Daniel Bryan wouldn't get cleared by WWE personnel due to concussions. Give it time and the lawsuit will pass over. There's a reason why the WWE is PG currently.

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