Cancer Patient Saves Teenagers From Cliff – Recovering Mother Finds Inner Strength To Rescue Injured Kids Shivering On A Ledge [Video]

A cancer patient saved four teenagers who were trapped on a cliff. The woman managed to tap into her inner strength to overcome fear and weakness from the treatments to rescue the kids who were shivering on a ledge under a waterfall.

A woman battling cancer recently rescued four teenage boys who were trapped under a waterfall. The woman, identified as Lelania Chapman, became an unlikely hero after she overcame her fear and weakness to rescue four boys who were trapped on the edge of a cliff in Canada, reported Maple Ridge Times.


Chapman, a breast cancer patient, had ended her seemingly endless cycle of medicines and chemotherapy just seven months ago. She hadn’t dared to venture out of her home in the last three months, except to go for her scheduled radiation treatments. Chapman is a breast cancer patient. After her final rounds of treatments and visits to the doctor, the woman decided to take her 9-year-old son and three more neighborhood kids for a hike at Cliff Falls in Maple Ridge, outside Vancouver, Canada.

Despite ending her treatments, Lelania Chapman wasn’t out of danger yet. According to Today, doctors had given her a bad news, one which no cancer survivor ever wants to hear during the subsequent routine checkups. Doctors had discovered more lumps. These tumors were a confirmed indicator that cancer hadn’t left Chapman’s body completely. Instead, it had started to spread. This meant the treatments and radiation therapy would have to be started again. As any cancer patient will agree, restarting these treatments is very dreadful and downright depressing.

However, instead of dwelling on the sad news and upcoming rounds of cancer treatments, the woman chose to focus on her kid and decided to show him something she enjoyed from her childhood. Along with the neighbors’ kids, Chapman headed to a small cliff that had a beautiful waterfall at the end of the hike.

As the group settled near the foot of the falls, 11-year-old Lily Barber, one of the neighbors’ kids, sensed someone was calling for help. However, the roaring falls made it difficult for Chapman to zero in on the desperate pleas for assistance. Only when she craned her ears, did she faintly hear some kids calling out for help. As the group walked toward the falls, Chapman spotted four teenage boys, trapped on a rock by the falls.

The four teenage boys had got themselves trapped on a ledge and were unable to climb down or up and out of the waterfall. It is not clear how the boys managed to get themselves stuck, but according to Chapman, they had been there for some time. Their lips had gone purple from the cold and they were shivering. The cancer patient’s first instinct was to reach for her cellphone and call for help. However, with no cell signal, she had to consider alternate options of saving the boys,

“I wanted to go back to the truck to get a signal. But one boy called for his mom. That’s when I couldn’t walk away.”

Sensing the boys were mere minutes away from hypothermia, the cancer survivor asked the kids to stay put and started scaling down the first level of cliffs. Miraculously, Chapman chanced upon a climbing rope that previous hikers had left behind, reported CBC News.

Having secured the rope to the “biggest tree branch,” the cancer patient threw the other end of the rope to the stranded teenagers. Chapman decided to haul the “biggest boy” first. She reasoned that once the strongest of the bunch was rescued, he would make her rescue work light.

Despite her body extensively weakened by months of intensive cancer treatments and radiation, Chapman reached for her reserve strength and with all her might, hoisted the boy. Together, they helped the others climb to safety. According to Chapman, the boys appeared to be injured and were bleeding from their stomachs and chests. Chapman says she found reserves of strength she never knew she had in her.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the brave cancer patient.

[Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images]