Judge Jeanine Pirro Blasts Black Lives Matter: ‘It’s Based On A Lie’

Jeanine Pirro (aka Judge Jeanine) has been a frequent critic of President Obama as well as the causes that he speaks well of — most recently the Black Lives Matter movement.

A believer that remarks like the ones that Obama issued following the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile are meant to create more racial divides, Judge Jeanine has linked the rash of violence against police officers to the movement.

On a recent Fox News segment as part of the O’Reilly Factor with guest host Eric Bolling, Pirro went beyond laying violence at the door of Black Lives Matter and actually questioned the basis of its existence, claiming that it was “based on something that is not true.”

During the segment — hat tip to Mediaite — Judge Jeanine said that BLM “began in Ferguson with Michael Brown and with Trayvon Martin. With Trayvon Martin, the defendant was acquitted, and in Ferguson, the Justice Department couldn’t bring any charges against him (the police officer).”

Therefore, Judge Jeanine said, “it was based on a lie” of “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

This is in reference to what some later discredited accounts said that Michael Brown said to the officer shortly before he was shot dead.

She continued, stating that as a prosecutor, she had prosecuted cops who didn’t do their jobs.

“But there is a social contract in this country, and we have vigilante justice if we don’t follow it. That means the police do their job. If you don’t like it, then you make a complaint. You don’t go out and kill cops — five in Dallas — because they’re white.”

To be as accurate as possible, it is worth noting that not all of the cops killed in the recent string of shootings were white. Some were of other ethnicities.

Also, Judge Jeanine seems to be implying something herself that isn’t true — that the shooters were affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement. Thus far, no such evidence has been produced that BLM is anything other than a protest movement.


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Later in the segment, Judge Jeanine weighed in more on Michael Brown and the narrative surrounding him since much of the Black Lives Matter movement arose around his death.

Pirro called the deceased teenager a “thug, who reached for a cop’s gun” shortly after participating in a “strong-arm robbery.”

“What he did was so outrageous that no charges, no wrongdoing [was raised] against anyone,” she said, adding that she did not see the “moral equivalency” between the surviving family members of a Michael Brown and the surviving family members of dead police officers killed in the line of duty.

Since ultimately Brown’s death was “the genesis of the Black Lives Matter movement,” Judge Jeanine said, the whole movement should essentially be condemned.

While this probably won’t be the last time that you hear Pirro go off on BLM, do you think she has a point in this case? And do you believe that Judge Jeanine is wrong to tie Black Lives Matter to the Michael Brown case, or is BLM the culmination of that incident and other police shootings before it? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via Azi Paybarah | Flickr Creative Commons | Resized and Cropped | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]