Holly McFeeture, Matthew 'Matt' Podolak On 'Dateline NBC': Ohio Girlfriend Poisoned Boyfriend's Raspberry Tea With Antifreeze

Holly McFeeture, the woman who poisoned her fiancé, Matt Podolak, 10 years ago, will be featured on Dateline NBC's Saturday night mystery. The episode titled "Toxic," which aired in 2013, looks into the death of a talented hockey player who ended up dead after an emergency room visit. The findings concluded that his raspberry tea had been spiked with antifreeze over a period of time. On the show, you'll hear from a former friend of Holly McFeeture, who later suspected that she had something to do with Matt Podolak's death. Also, look out for Holly McFeeture's sister, who still believes in her innocence.


Matthew Podolak, an avid fisherman and hockey player, showed up in an Ohio emergency room complaining of pain. Doctors tried frantically to figure out what was wrong with him and believed that it had to do with his kidneys. Podolak had been ill for a while and had suffered from depression over money that was lost during some internet gambling sessions.

Matthew Podolak later died in the hospital from what appeared to be some sort of strange chemical in his system -- a chemical that he could have been exposed to at his job, doctors speculated. But, that angle proved to be false. An autopsy report later determined that he had been chronically poisoned with ethylene glycol, which is found in antifreeze, according to the Daily Mail.

"Ethylene glycol, found in antifreeze, is toxic to humans. It creates symptoms that can easily be mistake for other illnesses. The poison accumulates in the body and causes damage to the brain, heart, lungs and kidneys. Death by kidney failure occurs if proper medical attention is not sought. Its sweet taste and the difficulty of detecting it in the body makes antifreeze the poisoner's weapon of choice."
To Matt's family, it appeared that the police weren't interested in finding out what happened to him since his death was listed as undetermined. However, it was obvious that someone had tried to kill him, and the police wouldn't budge until the death was listed as a homicide. There was much speculation about the case. Some believed that he may have committed suicide, stemming from his depression. Others say that jealous co-workers wanted Matthew Podolak dead.

Mark Podolak, Matthew's dedicated brother, knew that none of that was true. Instead, he believed that someone close to him was responsible for his death. The family was convinced that it was his fiancée, Holly McFeeture, the 34-year-old mother of Matt's two children.

By all accounts, Holly McFeeture seemed like a loving person who was well-liked. But under the surface, the new detective assigned to the case believed that she was a killer. It took years to gather all of the evidence, and the new detective spent years conducting interviews with people who knew both Holly and Matt.

A confession from Jamison Kennedy, a jailhouse snitch and former boyfriend of Holly McFeeture, breathed new life into the case. His confession pointed the finger directly at Holly. According to Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kennedy told police that after dinner and sex, Holly cried and admitted to "putting something in (Podolak's) drinks and she wanted to stop but his kidneys were already failing."

After almost seven years, Holly McFeeture was arrested and charged with murder. Then, a jury found her guilty and sentenced her to life in prison. In addition to Dateline NBC, Holly McFeeture's case has been aired on Oxygen's Snapped and Investigation Discovery's True Crime With Aphrodite Jones.


Despite her conviction, Holly McFeeture's supporters believe that the prosecution's case was weak, and they also still believe that Matt's coworkers killed him, not Holly.


Take a look at the case by tuning into Dateline NBC tonight. Check your local listing for times.

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