Prince: 6 Left In Battle For Musical Icon's $300 Million Estate, 29 Denied

The saga continues in determining the heirs to legendary pop star Prince's estate. However, the courts have gotten one step closer to making the final decision.

Judge Kevin Eide of Carver County has ordered genetic testing this past Friday on the singer's four known half-siblings, Tyka Nelson, Sharon Nelson, Norrine Nelson, and John Nelson. In addition, Brianna Nelson and Victoria Nelson will also be tested, following making claims that they are the niece and grand-niece of the late musical icon.

The order that was made Friday by Eide bars an additional 29 people from seeking and attaining a stake, after claiming to either be children of the star, siblings or distant relatives. The estate is worth an estimates $250 million.

As People relays, "the judge tossed out five other claims because they had either been adopted by other parents (severing any relationship to Prince even if he had been their biological father) or they lacked "crucial documentary proof."

A source spoke with the publication recently and shared the extent to which the case in determining the heirs to Prince's estate could last.

"At this point, we're looking at something that's probably going to last through the year, at least. It just depends on if everyone agrees with everyone's claims. It could be done very quickly. It's just a lot of speculation at this point. Eventually all things will come to appear clear, but it is a slow process."
It is unknown as to why the judge left out testing on Omar Baker and Alfred Jackson, two men who were also listed as half-brothers on the original petition for the court to identify admins to the estate. However, the order by Eide indicated that the court "is not aware of any objection or dispute" that all six siblings or half-siblings are legitimate heirs.

As The Huffington Post shares, Jackson's attorney, Justin Bruntjen, refrained from commenting, while Baker's attorney could not be reached.

Prince died on April 21 of a prescription drug overdose and had no will, which has left determining the heirs to his estate up to the courts. Although many are coming forward claiming to be the icon's children, the musician is believed to have not fathered any children. A DNA test has ruled out a Colorado prison inmate who has claimed to be Prince's son.

The new order by the judge drastically reduces the number of individuals in the running to have stakes in the near-$300 million estate. As the publication shares, a number of inaccurate claims about Prince's father being someone entirely different, and claims from apparent children of the childless star, have been thrown out. The Huffington Post shares as to the claims about a different father of the star, which would then mean a whole other family would have access to stakes.
"The order also tosses out a handful of claimants who alleged that Prince's father was someone other than John L. Nelson, who is listed in court records as Prince's father. Among those claimants was Venita Jackson Leverette, whose attorney, James Selmer, called Eide's decision 'a travesty' and said he's considering an appeal."
Selmar was outraged at the decision by the judge which granted a Colorado inmate, who has been in prison for eight years and likely had no connection to the star, a DNA test, while his client, who has a plausible connection to Prince, was not granted a test.
"The better course would be to allow people that have a plausible connection to him to have a blood test."
A mysterious and fascinating man in life, Prince has left one fascinating and mysterious circumstance to be solved following his death.

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