Ashton Kutcher And His Bohemian Wife Mila Kunis Demonstrate A Lifestyle Of Love And Weddings On The Cheap

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are hardly hard up for money. The That 70’s Show couple are both working in successful television shows, and have enough major star power to always have work. Ashton now has the same job on Two and A Half Men, that afforded Charlie Sheen his fabulous lifestyle, but they just don’t want that kind of extravagance. Mila Kunis admits to being frugal to the point of being downright cheap. She hates wasting money according to KREM 2. Mila is a refreshingly unconventional woman with great values and a free spirit.

Mila Kunis recently revealed that she bought their wedding rings cheap on Etsy for $190. Don’t confuse that of course with the beautiful engagement ring Ashton Kutcher gave Mila when he proposed. That is really nice, but Kunis revealed to Konan O’Brian that she never wears that one. The ring Mr. Kutcher bought for her is beautiful, but Mila says her $90 thin platinum band is the one she wears every day.

“My engagement ring is beautiful, but I don’t ever wear it. This ring, I’m like, ‘It’s $90!’ It’s great. That person on Etsy had no clue whose ring they were making, but they were wonderful and very nice and polite and generous.”

Ashton Kutcher may not have an expensive wedding ring, but Kutcher still found a rare gem in Mila. How many successful women, when marrying a fabulously wealthy actor like Ashton, would insist on shopping for the least expensive, plain wedding band possible? Wedding bands on the cheap are hardly on the minds of most successful young brides, but the Jewelry stores were just too expensive, Kunis complains.

“I was like, ‘They’re how much? This is astronomical,’ So, I went on Etsy and I was like, ‘$90?’ I was like, ‘Buy now!’ Ashton’s was $100.”

Mila Kunis is no doubt a one in a million girl. She had the wedding on the cheap as well, at least considering the usual extravagance of Hollywood weddings. Ashton became engaged to Mila in February of 2014 after two years of dating. They secretly married in March and had their first child in October according to People. In July 2015, the couple had a real wedding.

Ashton Kutcher and his beautiful wife Mila Kunis chose a lovely outdoor wedding venue. The Secret Garden at Parrish Ranch is not exactly a cheap wedding venue, but their rates are certainly competitive. It is probable, considering Mila’s bargaining skills, the Kutcher couple managed to get their wedding on the cheap for around $20,000, excluding the dress. That’s really cheap for a celebrity wedding in California. The five-acre Ranch has some amazingly scenic areas that are perfect for an outdoorsy bride. This nature based wedding venue certainly fits Ashton and Mila’s lovely and down to earth style. The Secret Garden has all inclusive packages, that take care of virtually everything, so no doubt it is a great value.

Ashton Kutcher an Mila Kunis by Frazer Harrison c Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis [Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]Ashton Kutcher certainly selected a unique and beautifully wife. Not only is she an expert at weddings on the cheap, a thrifty shopper, a lot of fun, and super sweet, Mila Kunis has a lot of unexpected talents apparently.

Mila Kunis once explained that she could field strip her weapon blindfolded according to Us Weekly. This fun loving, gun-toting beauty is certainly a woman of diverse skills and a unique outlook.

“I will say this: we have a gun at the house. But would I give it to my daughter as a gift at 15? No. I can take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded … But I respect the gun. My husband grew up in Iowa, and is from a hunting family. He’s worked with rifles his whole life.”

Ashton Kutcher an Mila Kunis by Stephen Dunn c [Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have a one-year-old daughter, named Wyatt, and are already expecting a second baby. The two of them are already considering a third child according to Refinery 29.

“After we had Wyatt, the second I gave birth, I knew we had to have another baby. We both knew it, we just felt it. I always say after the second one, we’ll know if we need to have another one. I really do believe you know when your family is compete.”

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have a refreshingly unique lifestyle, that started with wedding rings on the cheap from Etsy.

[Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images]