Russian KGB Discovered 13,000-Year-Old Alien Astronaut Mummy In Ancient Egyptian Tomb In 1961, According To Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

Conspiracy theorists claim that grainy black and white footage from the 1960s shows Russian KGB agents recovering a 13,000-year-old mummified alien body from an ancient tomb called the “Tomb of the Visitor” in the Egyptian desert.

The footage, according to conspiracy theorists, is a rare clip that captures the final moments of a top-secret mission by the Russians, code-named Project ISIS, launched in 1961 to recover the remains of an ancient alien astronaut, called “The Visitor,” who supposedly visited the ancient Egyptians and imparted the knowledge of advanced science and technology to them.

According to conspiracy theorists, ancient alien astronauts were space-faring extraterrestrials from technologically advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that visited ancient human societies, such as Egypt, Babylonia, and the Incas, and imparted to humans knowledge of science, technology, arts, and statecraft.

Ancient societies, such as Egypt, were able to make quick advances and attained to surprisingly high standards of technical proficiency that allowed them to build impressive historical monuments, such as the pyramids, because they received assistance from advanced alien visitors.

Although skeptics have dismissed the Project ISIS story as pure fabrication, it, nevertheless, tells a fascinating and entertaining story first aired in 1998 by Sci-Fi TV in a documentary titled The Secret KGB Abduction Files.

The documentary included black and white footage purportedly documenting the Project ISIS expedition to the Egyptian desert in search of the “Tomb of the Visitor,” according to the website UFO International Project.

The Russians, according to conspiracy theorists, embarked on Project ISIS during the Cold War in the 1960s to recover the body of an ancient alien astronaut, The Visitor, and obtain access to ancient technological artifacts and manuscripts containing ancient but advanced military science and technology that could give them an advantage over the Americans in the Cold War arms race.

The Russians were motivated to embark on Project ISIS because they were worried that the Americans may have obtained advanced technology through reverse-engineered alien spacecraft recovered from the Roswell UFO crash site.

Alien corpse Alien corpse prepared for autopsy [Image via CrackerClips Stock Media/Shutterstock]The Project ISIS team included Egyptologists, scientists, engineers, and military specialists from the Soviet Academy of Sciences. The team found the body of the ancient astronaut inside a 13,000-year-old ancient Egyptian tomb in the desert.

The tomb was first discovered accidentally by native Bedouins, who fell ill and died after they tried to open the tomb. Based on the story the Bedouins told before they died, Egyptian officials suspected the tomb could contain advanced technological artifacts and scientific manuscripts.

Aliens with UFOs According to the alien astronaut theory, extraterrestrials visited ancient human civilizations and taught them advanced science and technology [Image via CrackerClips Stock Media/]The Soviet Union and Egypt were allies at the time. So out of fear that the Americans may have obtained information about the tomb, the Egyptians contacted the Russians who offered technical assistance.

The Project ISIS mission team was allegedly led by Sami Sharaf, a close aide of President Gamel Abdel Nasser of Egypt.

The footage documenting the Project ISIS expedition was reportedly obtained from a Russian intermediary linked with the Russian mafia. The Russian source claimed, in turn, to have obtained the footage from agents who had access to secret KGB archives.

The footage shows the moment that the team entered the tomb of “The Visitor” and attempted to break open the 13,000-year-old sarcophagus without protective clothing.

When the Soviet agent attempts to open the ancient sarcophagus, it gives off a cloud of dust. The men retreated hastily and returned moments later wearing protective clothing and gas masks.

Alien UFOs hover over pyramids Alien flying saucer UFOs visited ancient Egypt, according to conspiracy theorists [Image via Shutterstock]They recovered the ancient alien body, about “two meters” in height. Carbon dating allegedly established its date at about 13,000-years-old. The team also reportedly recovered alien artifacts and manuscripts that tell the story of the return of a “Winged Deity.”

But skeptics pointed out that it is not possible to confirm the authenticity of the video. But Sci-Fi TV Channel claimed that forensic experts had analyzed it and confirmed it was genuine.

Skeptics responded, saying that even if the video was authentic it more likely shows investigators opening the tomb of an ancient Egyptian noble or King.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that testimonies by high-ranking KGB officials corroborated the claim that the tomb did not contain the body of a human being.

“Only sources of the highest ranks of the KGB know that we have found the remains of an alien creature that died in Egypt 10,000 years before Christ.”

A Russian scientist, Viktor Ivanovich, allegedly corroborated the story, claiming that he had access to top-secret documents from KGB secret archives that proved that Operation ISIS was real and that the Russians were motivated by fears that the Americans could gain a technological advantage in the Cold War.

“There is no doubt that a small group of Russian experts discovered a tomb in Egypt in 1961. But it has never been revealed what was found inside…”

But a website, Xissufotoday, dismissed the video as a hoax, claiming that it was shot using digital cameras and then doctored to make it look like old film.

According to the website, the recording was made “most likely using a camera released in the 2000s. Video recording is altered in a video editor so as to be similar [to a] recording made on an old film.”

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